Laura Reed

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2021-2024 Laura Reed is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, having joined the University of Alabama in 2010. Her research focuses on understanding how evolutionary, genetic, and environmental factors interact to shape complex metabolic traits, including diseases like obesity and type-2 diabetes. Dr. Reed’s academic training prior to coming to Tuscaloosa included a BS in biology from the University of Oregon, followed by a PhD in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Arizona, and […]

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Sergei Gleyzer

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2022–2025 Sergei Gleyzer is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Teaching Philosophy My goal is to inspire and encourage my students to think critically about the world around them and use science and technology as means of understanding it. This requires critical thinking and use of scientific methodology with real-world examples. I strive to teach students how to analyze the world around us and use modern tools, such as machine learning, to acquire new […]

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Lawrence Cappello

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2022–2025 Lawrence Cappello is an assistant professor in the Department of History. His focus is U.S. Legal & Constitutional History — particularly the right to privacy. He is the founder and director of UA’s Legal History Concentration, and author of None of Your Damn Business: Privacy in the United States from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age (University of Chicago Press). Among his course offerings are U.S. Constitutional History I & II, the Right to Privacy, and the Great […]

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Kaleb Heinrich

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2022–2025 Kaleb Heinrich is an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. His areas of research include biology education, active learning, and outreach in STEM, biology graduate student professional development, and freshwater ecology. At UA, he teaches Principles of Biology I and II, Biology Outreach, General Ecology Lab, and Pedagogy in the Biological Sciences. Teaching Philosophy Typical science courses emphasize memorizing facts when learning is actually driven by being observant, thinking, linking concepts, and asking good questions. […]

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Natalie Adams

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2021-2024 Natalie Guice Adams is a professor in New College with a joint appointment in Social and Cultural Studies in Education in the College of Education. Her research focuses on the intersection of extracurricular activities in school, gender, race, and sexual identity, and popular culture. Dr. Adams formerly served as the Director of New College and the Assistant Director of UA’s Graduate School. She is serving her second term as the Chair of the Board of Directors for […]

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Paul Reed

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2021-2024 Paul E. Reed, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of phonetics and phonology in the Department of Communicative Disorders at the University of Alabama. His research centers on sociolinguistic variation in varieties of English in the American South, with a focus on Appalachian English. His work highlights how a speaker’s connection to place, what he calls rootedness, helps to explain certain kinds of phonetic variation. He teaches courses on phonetics, the study of how humans produce speech sounds, […]

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Emily Baschab ’22, Physics

Emily Baschab is a physics major with minors in mathematics, the Randall Research Scholars Program, and the Blount Scholars Program. A junior from Dallas, TX, she plans to pursue a PhD in physics and become a researcher in an applied field. How did you choose your major? I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in science. I chose physics after enjoying physics classes in high school. I love the potential for discovery and the intellectual challenge this major […]

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Dylan Meyer ’22, Music & Electrical Engineering

Dylan Meyer is a music and electrical engineering double major from Madison, AL. After graduation, he hopes to work in either the space or precision timing industry. How did you choose your major? What sparked your interest in the field? I decided to go into electrical engineering for several reasons. Living near Huntsville, Alabama, NASA and the MDA are a huge part of the area’s culture. As a result, engineering is a highly encouraging field to pursue, and looking back […]

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