Kaleb Heinrich

Dr. Kaleb Heinrich

Distinguished Teaching Fellow 2022–2025

Kaleb Heinrich is an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. His areas of research include biology education, active learning, and outreach in STEM, biology graduate student professional development, and freshwater ecology. At UA, he teaches Principles of Biology I and II, Biology Outreach, General Ecology Lab, and Pedagogy in the Biological Sciences.

Teaching Philosophy

Typical science courses emphasize memorizing facts when learning is actually driven by being observant, thinking, linking concepts, and asking good questions. I want to provide a welcoming classroom where students can learn and develop the ability to solve problems, and that requires making connections and seeing things differently. It is my priority in the classroom to make the subject relevant to the real world, as well as stress the practicality and importance of science as it relates to us. I do not want the classes I teach to be viewed as ‘requirements’ for graduation but rather as valuable tools that can be used and applied throughout my students’ lives.