Facilities & Labs


In addition to the College of Arts and Sciences facilities described above, A&S faculty, staff, and students benefit from resources across campus, including

Other Colleges’ Facilities and Instrumentation: This list is compiled and managed by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and includes facilities of the UA College of Engineering, Culverhouse College of Business, and College of Communication and Information Sciences, among others.

University of Alabama Libraries: Five libraries comprise the University of Alabama Libraries; complete information about their collections and services is available through their websites, linked from www.lib.ua.edu. Highlights relevant to the College of Arts and Sciences include the following:

  • The Gorgas Library supports teaching and research needs in humanities, social sciences, and government information as the campus’ main library. Among the research libraries in the state of Alabama, Gorgas Library provides the latest technology-driven services and unparalleled print and online research collections.
  • Housed in the Gorgas Library, the music library supports the UA School of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance, with a material focus on Western classical music, and additional coverage of musical theatre, jazz, rock, other vernacular genres, as well as non-Western music.
  • Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering serves the faculty and students in the College of Engineering, the Capstone College of Nursing, and the science departments within A&S. Rodgers is the first departmental library, built with the intent of taking maximum advantage of computer-based information systems for research.
  • In addition to documenting the historical and cultural experience of the state and people of Alabama and The University of Alabama, the UA Libraries’ Hoole Special Collections focus on Southern history and culture; exploration and settlement of territory in the Gulf of Mexico; Civil War and Reconstruction; slavery, abolition, and emancipation; and African American history with special emphasis on the Civil Rights Movement.