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A&S in the News: July 8-14, 2018

Read local and national news that features faculty, students, and alumni from the College of Arts & Sciences. Most recently, the College is trending in the news for the Yonder Dance Company, discovery of a massive black hole, the Alabama Blues Project, and more. […]

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Asma Hatoum-Aslan and Vidya Sree Dandu

Microscopic Battle

“Not all viruses are bad,” says Dr. Asma Hatoum-Aslan, a UA microbiologist. “There are many viruses out there that specifically attack bacteria. We are particularly interested in understanding the strategies they use to kill bacteria to our own advantage and harness them as alternatives to conventional antibiotics.” […]

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group of faculty and students surround a table and play the Watershed Game

Winning the Water Quality Game

The Alabama Water Institute at The University of Alabama is taking the Watershed Game, created by Minnesota Sea Grant and University of Minnesota Extension, to teach people around campus and Tuscaloosa how to win water quality battles in real life. […]

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Wang-Kong Tse

With Project, Physics Professor ‘Pushing the Limit of Our Understanding’

Work led by Dr. Wang-Kong Tse, UA physics professor, will help grasp behavior of emerging materials while unstable that could lead to more efficient and controllable uses for energy and information processing applications.

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infographic with the text the college of arts and sciences is the largest of UA's academic divisions and the largest public liberal arts college in the state with 100 programs in 22 departments
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