Divisions and Departments

As the academic core of The University of Alabama, the College of Arts and Sciences is a forward-thinking leader in the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences. With guidance from our award-winning faculty, our students graduate prepared to make transformative impacts in their chosen fields and the world around them.

Here, we’ve organized our 22 departments according to four areas of emphasis: fine and performing arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and math. Visit our department websites to learn more about their programs and research, look up a department’s contact information in our Directory, or visit our Majors, Minors & Concentrations page for a full list of the undergraduate and graduate programs we offer.

Fine & Performing Arts

Our fine and performing arts departments advance the study and practice of art, theatre, dance, and music through programs that encompass classical, contemporary, and experimental styles. Renowned faculty inspire our students to achieve meaningful, creative accomplishments locally, nationally, and globally.

Associate Dean: Dr. Tricia McElroy


Our departments in the humanities are committed to the study of the human experience, as expressed both intellectually and creatively. Faculty and students explore the context of our existence from varied cultural, historical, ethical, philosophical, and religious perspectives.

Associate Dean: Dr. Tricia McElroy

Social Sciences

Faculty and students in our social sciences departments strive to understand complex issues on multiple levels, to help solve society’s most challenging problems and contribute to quality of life. Discoveries in the social sciences shape human interaction, public policy, and international relations.

Associate Dean: Dr. Lisa Dorr

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

The natural sciences and mathematics seek to expand our understanding of the universe, from the smallest organisms on Earth to the vastness of space. Research by our faculty and students advances knowledge today and lays the groundwork for future discoveries.

Associate Dean: Dr. Raymond White