Degree Programs

African American Studies

Department of Gender & Race Studies ba minor

Examine issues of race and gender in depth in a region rich with history. Conduct and present original research on under-studied topics while serving surrounding communities within Alabama’s Black Belt.

American Studies

Department of American Studies ba minor MA

Study the full scope of American culture — including music, movies, literature, art, history, and politics — in the largest American studies program in the Deep South. Work closely with faculty as you research topics like popular culture, the media, and social activism, and gain firsthand experience through internships and community service.


Department of Anthropology ba minor MA PhD

Explore human society — from cultural, linguistic, archaeological, and biological perspectives — at the bachelor’s and master’s level. Focus your doctoral studies on biocultural medical anthropology or archaeology of the complex societies of the Americas. Study under top-ranked professors and work with UA’s museums, including Moundville Archaeological Park, one of the nation’s premiere Native American Heritage sites.

Art (Studio)

Department of Art & Art History ba bfa minor MA MFA

Join a community of artists that encourages creative thinking, innovation, and intellectual inquiry. Choose a concentration in drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, digital media (undergrad only), printmaking, or sculpture while meeting guest artists and exhibiting your work at local galleries. Become a practicing artist, teacher in higher education, or professional in another art-related field.

Art History

Department of Art & Art History ba minor MA

Study the major masterpieces of world art and learn how to distinguish different periods and styles. Explore the legacy of American artists at the Paul R. Jones Museum, home to one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of 20th-century African-American art in the world.

Asian Studies

Interdisciplinary minor

Explore Asia’s critical role in the world while preparing for a dynamic career in politics, international business, academia, journalism, and more.


Department of Physics & Astronomy bs minor MS PhD

Explore the universe, from stars and planets to black holes and galaxies. Apply knowledge in physics, computer science, and engineering to big questions about space and the Earth. Study extragalactic astronomy and particle astrophysics alongside internationally recognized faculty — including members of the international team that discovered neutrinos.


Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry bs bch MSC PhD

Study the chemistry of living organisms while working with top-of-the-line equipment in newly renovated research labs. Get involved with faculty research projects on materials science, biomolecular products, green chemistry, and more.


Department of Biological Sciences bs minor MA MS PhD

Get hands-on experience studying land, marine, and microscopic life while utilizing UA’s 60-acre arboretum, 480-acre nature preserve and research facility, and Gulf Coast sea lab. Get prepared for careers in research, medicine, education, conservation, and more.

Blount Liberal Arts Minor

Blount Scholars Program minor Special

Join a community of scholars through the Blount Scholars Program and experience the atmosphere of a small liberal arts college in the midst of a major research university.


Department of Art & Art History ba bfa MA MFA

Discover what you can make with clay. Master forming techniques, glaze calculations, kiln construction, and kiln-firings all in our large, fully equipped ceramics facility. Our 7,000-square-foot facility is the most advanced in the state, with a digital fabrication laboratory with two clay printers, a complete inventory of clay and glaze materials, and a variety of kilns.


Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry bs bch minor MSC PhD

Study general chemistry in our specialized research facilities. Discover the process for scientific inquiry, learn modern laboratory procedures, and get involved in faculty research projects on materials science, biomolecular products, green chemistry and more.


Department of Modern Languages and Classics minor

Expand your career opportunities in business, translation, communication, and international affairs. Study abroad in one of the oldest and most populous countries in the world.

Civic Engagement and Leadership

New College minor

Develop your leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through this interdisciplinary minor from New College. Choose the general or ROTC track, and focus on an area of interest, such as politics, conflict resolution, organizational leadership, or human relations.

Classical Civilization

Department of Modern Languages & Classics ba minor

Learn to read and translate classical works from Homer through the medieval period. Travel to Greece to learn about Greek history, mythology, and archaeology through the department’s study abroad programs.

Communicative Disorders

Department of Communicative Disorders ba minor MS

Take the first step in launching a career in speech-language pathology or audiology. Study under the faculty leading one of the best speech pathology graduate programs in the nation.

Creative Writing

Department of English minor MFA

Learn to write fiction, poetry, and non-fiction from faculty leading one of the top 20 creative writing graduate programs in the nation.

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice ba minor MS

Study crime and law enforcement, and dive into the world of cybercrime with unique internship and research opportunities with local and national law enforcement.

Cyber Criminology

Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice minor

Learn about cybersecurity, digital forensics, and criminal motivations through courses in criminal justice, psychology, accounting, and management and information systems.


Department of Theatre and Dance ba MFA

Perfect your technique and choreography in the 15th-ranked dance program in the country, home of the first American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive. Help choreograph the student showcase, Dance Alabama!, or participate in the department’s pre-professional company, Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre.

Digital Media

Department of Art and Art History ba bfa

Launch your creative career in graphic design or digital art. Learn design principles, tell visual stories, and develop your signature style, all while preparing for careers in advertising, packaging, publishing, branding, and more.

Digital, Public, and Professional Writing

Department of English minor

Get hands-on experience in public and professional writing and build a flexible toolkit for careers in content strategy, nonprofit and public advocacy, technical writing, and the legal profession.


Department of Art & Art History ba bfa

Develop your personal drawing style and technique, and learn to express your design perspective through discussion, critique, and collaboration with faculty and other students.


Interdisciplinary ba

Study how people and societies use their resources. Learn to interpret data, and develop analytical skills that are useful in a variety of fields, like economics, business, law, public policy, and public administration.


Department of English ba MA PhD

Improve your writing skills as you study classic and modern literature and poetry. Present your writing at international conferences, get published, produce a literary journal, and compete for awards through the award-winning English honor society.

Environmental Science

Interdisciplinary bs

Gain hands-on experience in environmental research and natural resource conservation while preparing for an exciting career in environmental science and management. 

Environmental Studies

Interdisciplinary minor

Study environmental problems and develop your problem-solving skills through hands-on field experiences and courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.


Department of Philosophy minor

Students will learn how to analyze and respond to ethical questions and problems in specialized contexts: business, medicine, governance, the law, the arts, and even sports.

Evolutionary Studies

Department of Anthropology minor

Study modern evolutionary science with experts in biology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, history, and geological sciences. Learn about evolutionary principles and the latest discoveries through the popular ALLELE lecture series.

Foreign Languages and Literature

Department of Modern Languages and Classics ba MA PhD

Become fluent in any language in the world and explore new places and cultures through study abroad programs in more than 30 countries.


Department of Modern Languages & Classics ba MA PhD

Study French language and culture at home and abroad through the UA in France program. Teach local elementary school students through the department’s outreach program. Earn a dual major in French and business as you prepare to succeed in a globalized world.


Department of Geography and the Environment ba bs MS PhD

Learn to protect natural resources and solve environmental problems. Intern with the Geological Survey of Alabama and local planning agencies and get certified in geographic information systems (GIS).


Department of Geological Sciences ba bs bsg MS PhD

Make the world your laboratory as you answer fundamental questions about the origin, development, and future of the Earth. Explore the great outdoors receiving class credit through the department’s field course in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Contribute to dynamic faculty research projects in energy, tectonics, planetary science, and more.


Department of Modern Languages and Classics ba MA

Expand your career opportunities by learning German language, history, and culture. Immerse yourself in the German language through the German House, a living-learning community for German majors. See German automotive engineering technology up close through the student exchange program.

Global Health

Department of Anthropology minor

Learn to look at health from a community level, taking into account politics, economics, cultures and religions of a population while evaluating health concerns.

Graphic Design

Department of Art & Art History ba bfa

Learn to create for print and digital applications in advertising, packaging, publishing, branding and more, preparing yourself for a career in an exciting and continually evolving field.


Department of Modern Languages and Classics ba

Round out your education by studying the literature, history, philosophy, art, and religion of Ancient Greece. Experience Greek history and mythology at sites like the Parthenon, Agamemnon’s palace, Heracles’ birthplace, and Apollo’s oracle through the department’s study abroad programs.


Department of History ba MA PhD

Explore past events and their consequences to find solutions to contemporary problems. Choose an undergraduate concentration in legal history or public history as you prepare for a career in law, museums, government, and more.

Through internships, our students have curated oral history exhibits, helped establish civil rights trials, and more.

Interdisciplinary Studies

New College ba bs

Design your own major to complement your future goals. Work closely with faculty advisers to gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need, and feel confident about your decisions every step of the way.

International Studies

Department of Political Science ba

Explore the global community, from politics and the economy to the complex social and intercultural relationships that exist among nations. Experience these issues first-hand by studying abroad.


Department of Modern Languages and Classics ba

Explore Italian language, literature, film and civilization from the middle ages to contemporary times. Study Italian language and culture through the longstanding UA in Italy program. 


Department of Modern Languages and Classics minor

Study Japanese language and culture through our minor program, and connect with other students through Japanese clubs, such as the weekly Conversation Cafe.

Judaic Studies

Department of Religious Studies minor

Explore the rich history and practices of Judaism, and learn from renowned scholars through the department’s Aronov Lecture Series.


Department of Modern Languages & Classics ba

Learn to read, analyze, and discuss Latin, a foundational language for many fields, including law, philosophy, and medicine.

Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies

Department of Modern Languages & Classics minor

Discover the vibrant cultures, languages, and traditions of Latin America and the Caribbean through this interdisciplinary minor program.


Interdisciplinary minor

Take a scientific approach to language, studying sound, meaning, words, and sentences, and learn how these patterns vary over time. Gain valuable insights into the diversity of human languages.

Marine Science

Department of Biological Sciences bs minor MS

Dive into the world of marine science at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, where you’ll gain hands-on experience in marine geology, marine biology, marine technical methods, oceanography, and more.


Department of Mathematics bs minor MA PhD

Study pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and math education in a program that’s among the nation’s top producers of female mathematicians.

Medical Ethics

Department of Philosophy minor

The practice of medicine raises many ethical concerns from the beginning of life to the end of life, and relative to abortion, stem cell research, cloning, the allocation of limited resources, animal experimentation, genetic engineering, patient autonomy, assisted euthanasia, medical enhancement and more.


Department of Biological Sciences bmb minor

Research microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses while preparing for a rewarding career in clinical and public health fields, industrial research and development, biotechnology, and more.


School of Music ba bm minor MM DMA

Perform with renowned choirs, symphonies, and bands while learning from world-class musicians. Newly renovated facilities include a state-of-the-art recording studio and dedicated marching band rehearsal space.

Music Composition

School of Music bm MM DMA

Master the art of music composition and hear your work performed on stage. Learn about the latest music technology in our state-of-the-art electronic studio.

Music Performance

School of Music bm minor MM DMA

Study with the region’s finest musicians. Perform in instrumental ensembles, orchestras, and bands. Work toward a variety of music professions: soloist, opera and concert vocalist, orchestral and band musician, conductor, chamber musician, recording artist, church musician, and more.

Music Theory

School of Music bm MM DMA

Immerse yourself in the study of musical structure as you prepare for a career as a full-time musician, licensed music therapist, educator, and other positions within the music industry.

Music Therapy

School of Music bm

Join the state’s only music therapy degree program and discover how music engages the brain, enhances learning, and promotes mental and physical wellbeing. Gain hands-on experience through a six-month internship during your senior year.

Music, Arts Administration Concentration

School of Music ba

Take the first step toward a career in arts administration. Learn how to manage concerts, from backstage to the box office. Explore arts development and fundraising, careers in concert and commercial music, and legal issues in the arts, and gain firsthand experience through an internship with a local arts organization.

Musical Audio Engineering

Interdisciplinary bsmae

Dive into the world of audio engineering. Explore all aspects of studio recording, from the equipment used in the studio and live recording environments to equipment design, maintenance and operations.

New College

New College ba bs

Create your own major to craft the perfect academic complement to your future goals. Work closely with faculty advisors to gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need and feel confident about your decisions every step of the way.


Department of Art & Art History ba bfa MA MFA

Turn your passion for painting into a career in fine art and new media. Explore all aspects of the painting medium in the studio, work alongside distinguished faculty artists, and exhibit your work in the Sella-Granata Art Gallery.


Department of Philosophy ba minor

Explore life’s ultimate questions, and develop your ability to analyze and understand arguments, think critically, and write precisely. Focus your studies on law, medicine, or the mind as you prepare for graduate or professional school. Hear from leading scholars in the department’s Philosophy Today lecture series.


Department of Art & Art History ba bfa MA MFA

Develop your personal vision and gain hands-on experience in the technology, history, aesthetics, and theory of photography. Advance your technical skills in the department’s facilities, which include latest in digital processing and wide-format printing, a traditional darkroom, non-silver and alternative process, a lighting studio and a graduate studio space.


Department of Physics & Astronomy bs minor MS PhD

Study the laws of the universe with internationally recognized faculty — including members of the international team that discovered neutrinos. Conduct groundbreaking research, and find answers to some of the world’s most pressing questions. Investigate the physical nature of the universe, from subatomic elementary particles to the observable universe.

Political Science

Department of Political Science ba minor amp MA MPA PhD

Launch a career in public service or law while participating in our award-winning mock trial team, active student government, and internships in our state and nation’s capitals.

Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Health Program Special

Build a foundation for professional school while majoring in an area of interest. Dedicated advisors help you navigate the requirements and application processes for professional programs in medicine, dentistry, physical and occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and more. We connect you with opportunities and coach you to help you find the best program for you, and stand out in a competitive field.


Pre-Law Program Special

Determine whether law school is the right path for you, and maximize your chances of success through our program focused on equipping you with opportunities, information, and new skills. Attend law school fairs, take practice LSATs, participate in on-campus interviews, and more.


Department of Art & Art History ba bfa MA MFA

Discover the various types of printmaking, from traditional processes to new methods. Explore your own ideas in our printmaking facilities, and present your work at exhibits, conferences, and workshops.


Department of Psychology ba bs MA PhD

Explore the complex world of the mind and brain, from thinking and memory to social and abnormal behaviors. Focus your graduate studies on experimental or clinical psychology. Become a skilled researcher and practitioner through classroom discovery, scientific research, and hands-on experience in our training facilities.

Public Policy

Department of Political Science minor

Study public policy and learn how you can make a difference in the world. Discover how policy affects all aspects of society, from education and healthcare to technology, law, and international relations.

Religious Studies

Department of Religious Studies ba minor MA

Study history and human behavior through the lens of religion. Develop the cultural literacy and critical thinking skills required of 21st-century citizens.


Department of Modern Languages and Classics minor

Explore Russian language, culture, folklore, and literature while preparing for a variety of careers, including business, technology, teaching, and translation.


Department of Art and Art History ba bfa MA MFA

Explore all aspects of three-dimensional problem-solving in the studio and in the department’s metal fabrication shop, foundry, and woodshop. Join the team that built the city’s bicentennial sculptures, and participate in public arts projects all over the state.


Department of Gender and Race Studies minor

Develop a deep understanding of how the world works, and gain the skills needed to change the world. Sociology offers a foundation for many career fields, including business, government, academia, and community agencies.


Department of Modern Languages & Classics ba minor MA PhD

Learn one of the world’s most-spoken languages, and take advantage of the many opportunities for students, including a study abroad program in Spain and the popular Spanish Outreach Program.


New College minor

Design your own interdisciplinary minor to meet your professional and academic goals.


Department of Theatre and Dance ba bfa minor MFA

Work with award-winning faculty to bring classic and modern works to life on stage in our on-campus theatres. Travel to New York to perform before casting directors and work alongside professionals on theatrical productions. Our graduates pursue careers in TV and film, with touring companies and cruise lines, and with magazines and studios.

Women’s Studies

Department of Gender and Race Studies minor MA Cert

Study the role and status of women over time, and examine their achievements and the many forces shaping their lives

World Literature

Department of English minor

Read across geographic and cultural boundaries. Study and compare the literature of different regions, languages, genres, and traditions.