NOTE: Scholarships for fall 2023 incoming freshmen have been awarded. Returning students’ scholarships will be awarded by May 31. You will be notified via email if an award has been made to you.

Each year the College of Arts and Sciences awards approximately 2,000 scholarships, totaling more than $3.3 million in support for undergraduate and graduate students. Are you eligible for any of this funding? Quite possibly.

Find out by completing the University’s scholarship application, talking to an advisor, or visiting Scholly through the myBama portal on the “Admissions/Scholarships” tab.

View information about scholarships offered by the Leadership Board for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Types of Scholarships

The scholarships for which you might be eligible fall into three major categories: University-wide, College of Arts and Sciences, and departmental.

University-wide scholarships, most of which are awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the National Alumni Association, are open to all University of Alabama students, while only students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences may receive scholarships designated for A&S students.

Departmental scholarships are typically awarded to students enrolled in specific major or minor programs.


Each scholarship, whether University-wide, College, or departmental, has its own set of eligibility requirements and terms. Many are renewable, provided the student maintains his or her strong academic performance; others are limited to a single academic year. Some are granted to currently enrolled students, while others are intended for freshmen or transfer students. Scholarships may be merit- or need-based. The amount awarded varies, too, from $500 up to full tuition. The average scholarship amount is $1000.

In awarding College and departmental scholarships, the College of Arts and Sciences is guided by the wishes of the scholarship donor. In selecting students who meet the criteria established by the donor, we consider high school or college grades, college entrance exam scores, and the student’s accomplishments.

How to Apply

To be considered for scholarships, students must complete the consolidated scholarship application every year. Incoming students’ admissions application includes the scholarship application. Current students must submit their applications by March 1. The application is available through myBama beginning of each fall semester; however, we recommend waiting until the start of your spring semester to fill out the application so you can list your fall involvement and accomplishments.

If you’re applying for an A&S scholarship that requires special application materials such as a writing sample, audition, or portfolio, complete the myBama application first, then visit the A&S Student Services Center or the relevant academic department to find out how to submit your materials.

Students who complete the application by the deadline will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible, except for those offered by the Air Force ROTC or Army ROTC programs and the College of Continuing Studies.

To be considered for departmental scholarships, students must apply through the department in addition to the myBama application. Applications are typically available on the department’s website or via the undergraduate director.

If you have been admitted into a program such as the Blount Scholars Program or the Honors College, contact that program’s office for additional scholarship information.


For most College and departmental scholarships, students will need to reapply every year to be considered for renewal.

Scholarships vs. Financial Aid

Scholarships are generally merit-based, though some may be based on financial need. They can have very broad or very narrow criteria for eligibility. Whatever the criteria, they do not have to be repaid.

Financial aid is entirely need-based. Student loans are a type of financial aid that must be repaid, while Pell Grants, Financial Aid Scholarships, and SEOG grants do not have to be repaid.


Students receiving scholarships through the College of Arts and Sciences will be notified via email in April of each year regarding the upcoming academic year’s awards.

How to Thank Donors

We ask that you write handwritten notes to thank the donors who made your scholarship award possible. More information about who to address your note to and where to send it are provided in award emails.

More Information

For information on College and departmental scholarships, contact Leslie Wiggins, Coordinator of Endowments and Honors, at or (205) 348-4836.

The UA scholarships office is the best source of information on University-level scholarships; visit or call (205) 348-8201.

For information about financial aid, contact the UA Office of Financial Aid at (205) 348-6756.

For information about costs, billing, and payment arrangements, contact the UA Student Account Services at (205) 348-5350.