A&S in the News: January 29 – February 4, 2023

“Murder Ballad” stirs thoughts on the complexities of love: Crimson White – Feb. 1

Passionate. Sensational. Tenacious. Sexy. These were all words used to describe the show by the cast and crew of “Murder Ballad.” It is being put on by The University of Alabama’s Theatre and Dance Department, opening on Jan. 30 and running through Feb. 5.

Changing the Tides: How student organizations are championing change at UA: Crimson White – Feb. 1

For Kaila Pouncy, a UA senior majoring in criminal justice and political science, her passion for prison reform was sparked during an internship.

How diversity and inclusivity groups combat injustice at UA: Crimson White – Feb. 1

As The University of Alabama grows, striving for diversity and inclusion amongst student organizations is essential to promoting a welcoming environment for all students and fighting for injustice on campus. In a school with a population over 70% white, starting a student organization can be one of the first steps for a minority group to create community and stand up for its own interests.

Undocumented Alabamians remain locked out of public universities: Crimson White – Feb. 1

Steven Bunker, an associate professor of history at the University, explained some of the political context underlying immigration restrictions. “If you notice who’s sponsoring it [immigration bills], you rarely ever will find any Republican representing a rural district doing this. They’re all from more sort of affluent or comfortable suburban districts. Their reps do that because they don’t have skin in the game, because rural areas need the labor,” Bunker said.