Digital Honors: Logan Fenhouse

Logan Fenhouse
Logan Fenhouse

Logan Fenhouse is one of this year’s Dean’s Award of Merit winners. A senior from Lombard, Illinois, Logan is majoring in biocultural studies of health through New College and Spanish, and minoring in the Blount Scholars Program.

What has been your favorite experience?

The Center for Service and Leadership has become more than just an organization to me- it has become my home on campus. I’ll never forget my very first Beyond Bama trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Before leaving, I didn’t know a soul. Yet, after spending days learning about disaster relief and volunteering with community partners by preparing homes for restoration, I formed bonds that would last a lifetime and discovered my passion for service. I am forever grateful for the people and experiences that Beyond Bama has brought me.

What made you choose UA?

After I found out about scholarships, Alabama caught my attention. However, I wasn’t sold on the school until I visited a friend who was a current student at UA. I remember walking around the quad, attending her class, even hanging out with her friends for meals and practicing for an upcoming intramural softball game. Through this, I fell in love with the campus. UA was everything that I imagined college to be, and I knew this was the school for me.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Try everything! Even if something seems daunting or if you don’t know anyone or even (gasp) there’s no free food, go anyway! If you’re passionate about pursing a goal or joining a club, don’t let anything stop you. You are your biggest enemy, but you can also be your biggest advocate. This is a time for growth, and stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things is the best way to thrive.