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Searching for Home Waters: A Brook Trout Pilgrimage

Desktop News | October 2023 Dr. Michael Steinberg, professor of New College and geography, has published a new book, Searching for Home Waters: A Brook Trout Pilgrimage.  Steinberg embarked on a remarkable journey that takes readers on a pilgrimage through the landscapes of North America, from Georgia to Labrador, a region in Canada. These are the same territories that brook trout call home, and as Steinberg traverses this path year after year, it becomes a symbolic pilgrimage, a reflection of […]

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Levitetz Gives Back

Jeff Levitetz

From the 2021 Collegian | When Jeffrey Levitetz graduated from The University of Alabama, he left with a sense of determination, a dream, and a business he ran out of his car. Now, he returns to campus to share what he’s learned as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Levitetz began his career while he was a New College student, where he sold surplus merchandise and other goods out of the trunk of his car to students and locals. This business, […]

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