Searching for Home Waters: A Brook Trout Pilgrimage

Desktop News | October 2023

Searching for Home Waters Book Cover

Dr. Michael Steinberg, professor of New College and geography, has published a new book, Searching for Home Waters: A Brook Trout Pilgrimage

Steinberg embarked on a remarkable journey that takes readers on a pilgrimage through the landscapes of North America, from Georgia to Labrador, a region in Canada. These are the same territories that brook trout call home, and as Steinberg traverses this path year after year, it becomes a symbolic pilgrimage, a reflection of his own life’s journey. 

“For me, the more meaningful part is that it’s sort of a travelogue of my travels throughout all these states,” said Steinberg. “The meaning of the of brook trout landscape in my own life.” 

Searching for Home Waters is more than just a book about fish; it’s a story about the delicate balance between nature and humanity, a tapestry of conservation efforts woven together by dedicated individuals who have given their time, energy and even their hearts to the cause. Steinberg ‘s interviews with federal biologists, volunteers at Trout Unlimited and those in the fly-fishing industry offer a glimpse into the passionate souls working tirelessly to protect the brook trout’s habitat and its intricate ecosystems. 

“It was inspiring to see all these people that dedicated their time and energy and even money to these fisheries’ conservation issues, and just for the pure love of fly fishing and landscape,” said Steinberg. 

The cover of Searching for Home Waters itself is a work of art, a collaboration between the author and Maine-based artist Karen Talbot. Her breathtaking illustrations capture the essence of these fish and their environments, seamlessly integrating with the book’s themes and chapters.  

The artistic collaboration doesn’t stop there. Steinberg’s son, Frederick Steinberg, contributed intricate sketches of aquatic insects, bringing to life the creatures that are the lifeblood of these ecosystems. 

Searching for Home Waters is not just for seasoned anglers or nature enthusiasts; it’s an exploration of the human spirit’s connection to the natural world. It offers a fresh perspective on the landscapes and ecosystems that shape our lives, reminding us that even if we’re not avid fishermen, we are all stewards of our environment.  

“It’s more of a story about the Eastern environment, stretching from Georgia all the way to Labrador, and how people have used, and sometimes abused, that environment. However, there are lots of other people working to restore and protect that environment. There is this sort of personal travel journey that sees the world through a fishing lens, but it’s not necessarily a fishing dominated approach,” stated Steinberg.  

You can find Searching for Home Waters: A Brook Trout Pilgrimage on Amazon, where it offers a chance to delve into a world where the brook trout becomes a symbol of hope, conservation and the enduring connection between people and their environment.