A&S in the News: March 19-25, 2023

Interstate 14

UA graduate student to give presentation about routing of I-14 at Selma-Dallas County Library: Selma Sun – March 20

… University of Alabama graduate student Jack Spalding is studying the socio-economic and ecological impacts of the proposed Interstate 14 on Selma and Dallas County. He will give a presentation on the proposed Interstate 14 on March 25…Spalding, a member of the Laboratory for Location Science at The University of Alabama, hopes to generate some discussion…

Egg Donation

How young women are being persuaded to sell their eggs by social media: I News (UK) – March 20

… This view is shared by Dr Diane Tober, of The University of Alabama, where she has been leading an investigation on egg donors’ experiences. In the US, she explains, egg donation is much more “commodified” – with donors being paid $10,000 or more, depending on how desirable the eggs are. She explains that she knows of one UK fashion model who – due to her good looks – was flown out to an American clinic and paid a huge sum of money – although she insists this is rare. Despite the system in the UK being much less financially-driven from that in America, she says it still has its issues.

Alabama Music Education Association

UA students take part in inaugural “Hill Day” organized by the Alabama Music Education Association: NBC (Montgomery) – March 21

The group included some talented young musicians from Auburn Junior High, and The University of Alabama.

“Good Sex”

What is good sex to you?: The McGill Tribune – March 21

When it was announced that a two-time Fulbright-winning Harvard-PhD professor from The University of Alabama was coming to speak at McGill about her new book, most students probably weren’t expecting it to be titled Good Sex. But when professor of gender and cultural studies Catherine Roach visited McGill on March 14 to speak on a panel about the book, she was greeted with a room of very interested students and faculty. “Good sex is good as in ethical, and good as in pleasurable,” Roach said to open up the discussion.

Immune System

Tattoos do odd things to the immune system: The Atlantic – March 22

…To understand some of the immune effects of tattoos, Christopher Lynn, an anthropologist at The University of Alabama, has been studying heavily inked people in different parts of the world. He and his colleagues have found that individuals who frequently get tattoos appear to have higher levels of certain immune molecules, including antibodies, in their blood than people who rarely get inked (at least for a brief time).

“Empty Bowls” Fundraiser

Tuscaloosa’s Empty Bowls event set for Friday to raise hunger awareness: Alabama Public Radio – March 23

Today, Empty Bowls events are held all over the United States. Thanks to the generous donation of more than 100 hand-crafted bowls from The University of Alabama’s Art & Art History Department and Kentuck Red Dog Potters, as well as food donations from local restaurants and business, Grace Presbyterian will again sponsor Tuscaloosa’s 2023 Empty Bowls event.