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Restoring a Legend

Dr. Jennifer Feltman

From the Winter 2019 Collegian | Since its Gothic construction in 1163, Notre Dame Cathedral has been a religious and cultural monument worldwide. Its magnificent towers and buttresses have stood through regime changes and revolutions, through wars and celebrations and times of mourning. The echo of its bells, perhaps Paris’s most famous sound, have become iconic in books and films. To admirers and critics alike, the cathedral has become a symbol of culture, religion, art, and French pride throughout the […]

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Summer Reading List 2019

As you relax during the summer months, enjoy these books written by seven A&S faculty, current and retired, from several departments: Tuscaloosa Through Time By Serena Blount (English, bloun002@ua.edu) Over its 200 years of history, the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has held a prominent position within the state, not only as home to the state’s flagship university, but also taking turns as the State Capitol, as the location for the state mental health hospital, as the site of Civil War […]

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Summer Reading List 2018

What are you reading this summer? Here are seven books by A&S faculty, plus the latest by distinguished scientist and UA alumnus Dr. Edward O. Wilson: Grease: Gender, Nostalgia and Youth Consumption in the Blockbuster Era By Barbara Brickman (New College, bjbrickman@nc.ua.edu) Grease: Gender, Nostalgia and Youth Consumption in the Blockbuster Era examines one of the highest grossing film musicals of all time and its place as a model for the modern blockbuster ushered in in the 1970s.  Brickman describes, “I also […]

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A&S in the News: February 11-17, 2018

Opera Theatre Orchestra, opera team up for Valentine’s show: Tuscaloosa News – Feb. 12 As symbols of love, diamonds display facets. Like life, they derive from carbon, trapped under extreme heat and pressure, but once stabilized — metastabilized, in fact — to equilibrium, they’re among the toughest substances in the world … John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” also being performed in Monday night’s collaboration between the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra and The University of Alabama Opera […]

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A&S in the News: January 21-27, 2018

Performing Arts Center Campus sees progress for the performing arts: Crimson White – Jan. 21 The University of Alabama is in the final stage of planning a $60 million state-of-the-art performing arts center for the Department of Theatre and Dance. The Department of Theatre and Dance currently performs and rehearses in Rowand-Johnson Hall. The building holds a lot of the department’s history, but students have said they are ready for the change. Women’s March Here come the (progressive) women? After annual […]

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