A&S in the News: September 30-October 6, 2018

Surveillance Cameras

Birmingham not transparent about surveillance cameras, experts sayAl.com – Sept. 30

Susan Palmer is tired of the gunfire and arsons that seem to plague her west Birmingham neighborhood. “I’ve been crying out for years about the gunshots and the violence,” said the president of the Central Park Neighborhood Association … Diana Dolliver, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at The University of Alabama, agreed the city should be transparent about how the cameras will be used, why they are needed and how they are going to ensure the cameras are being used properly. “The better the police can be on transparency the fewer worries citizens will have,” she said.

Million Dollar Band

Take ‘em to the bank: Million Dollar Band embodies rich tradition at AlabamaMontgomery Advertiser – Oct. 1

Saturdays during the fall semester at The University of Alabama are steeped in traditions. White tents populate the university’s Quad along the main drag through campus for tailgaters, flags and plastic shakers wave in the air, the school’s crimson color washes over the campus and “Roll Tides” abound.  But at an hour when most people are waking up to prepare for the game, the university’s Million Dollar Band, is rehearsing and preparing to carry on traditions that make Saturday a game day in Tuscaloosa.

Poetry Reading

Poets take influence from the world at readingCrimson White – Oct. 1

Walking to the front of the room with a photo of trash projected on the stage behind her, Heidi Lynn Staples was the first poet to perform at the poetry reading hosted by UA’s creative writing program.

Pizza with Professors

Students to learn about research opportunities at ‘Pizza with Professors’Crimson White – Oct. 2

For anyone who is interested in research or learning how to get involved in research, the office for undergraduate research will be hosting an event where students can enjoy free pizza and listen to eight faculty members discuss their research in areas such as biology, exercise science, communication, criminal justice, geography and computer science.

Political Divide

At the edge of the abyssThe Other McCain – Oct. 3

When you are a professional trafficker in politically incorrect thoughts — which is about the best description of my trade I can come up with — a certain amount of caution is necessary to the craft … Professor George Hawley of The University of Alabama is one of the more objective political analysts working today, and one of the few who correctly predicted Donald Trump would win in 2016.

Moundville Native American Festival

Moundville Native American Festival startsWVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Oct. 3

Everyone looks forward to the Moundville Native American festival each year, and this year is particularly special because it is the 30th anniversary. Native Americans from all over the Southeast come to participate.
Tuscaloosa News – Oct. 4

Midterm Elections

‘A sense of excitement’: Democrats in Alabama hold onto 2017 energy but normalcy likely returning to 2018 midtermsAl.com – Oct. 4

Alabama’s rollicking Senate election last year became the most expensive political campaign in state history and was a hot spot for the national cable TV cameras … Said Richard Fording, a political science professor at The University of Alabama: “There is definitely a lot more energy within the Democratic Party in Alabama right now than there was in 2014, and in some ways, more than 2016. There is no doubt that Doug Jones’ victory was a huge shot in the arm.”

Prehistoric Sharks

Prehistoric sharks feasted on flying reptiles, proves fossilNational Geographic – Oct. 5

From toothprints on a wing bone of a pterosaurus, it appears that the animal probably ended up as a snack for several predatory fish, including a prehistoric shark  called squalicorax … The fossil was prepared at The University of Alabama Museum by the then student T. Lynn Harrel, the co-author of Ehret. He was initially afraid that he had damaged the bone when removing limescale. But it soon became clear that the series of dark, parallel grooves came from the teeth of a predator.

Gay Burke

Faculty and former students remember Gay Burke through photography exhibitWVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Oct. 5

Friends, colleagues, and former students gathered to view the work of Gay Burke. Burke was the first female professor to work at The University of Alabama in the Department of Art and Art History. She worked as a professor for over forty years. She passed away last year in May but her work still lives on.