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Levitetz Gives Back

Jeff Levitetz

From the 2021 Collegian | When Jeffrey Levitetz graduated from The University of Alabama, he left with a sense of determination, a dream, and a business he ran out of his car. Now, he returns to campus to share what he’s learned as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Levitetz began his career while he was a New College student, where he sold surplus merchandise and other goods out of the trunk of his car to students and locals. This business, […]

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Finding Happiness

Jacqueline Trimble

From the 2021 Collegian | Dr. Jacqueline Trimble’s first impulse after learning to read was to write, so at the age of six, she wrote her first piece of work: a one-paragraph autobiography. Though she talks fondly of the memory now, her accomplishments assure she has much more to add. Trimble, who earned her masters and PhD at UA and serves as the chair of Alabama State University’s department of languages and literatures, was one of only 35 selected as […]

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The Curious Case of DP Lyle

DP Lyle

From the 2020 Collegian | DP Lyle isn’t a man who makes decisions lightly. But when a decision is made, he doesn’t think twice about it—he sticks to it, and lets it shape the course of his life. While growing up in Huntsville, Alabama, Lyle says he was always working towards one thing: going to medical school. He’s known since a young age that he was destined to do medical work, but not because it’s what his family did, or […]

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William Christenberry

William Christenberry

B.F.A., 1958 & M.F.A., 1959 William Christenberry received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The University of Alabama, where he studied sculpture, painting and drawing. He has been described as one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century. Christenberry began his career as an abstract painter in New York City and evolved to create sculptures and collages, but he was most acclaimed for his photographs, which were primarily taken in Hale County and rural West Alabama, not far […]

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Richard M. Myers

Richard Myers

Biochemistry, ’76 Known for his passion for changing the world through genomics, Richard Myers served as professor and chair in the department of genetics at Stanford University from 1993-2008, where his work contributed to more than 10 percent of the data for the Human Genome Project. Myers was born in Selma, Alabama and moved to Tuscaloosa at age 10. He received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from The University of Alabama in 1976 and his doctoral degree in biochemistry from […]

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Nan Boden

Nan Boden

Mathematics, ’86 Nan Boden is Senior Director of Google. She joined Google in 2013 via acquisition in the division that designs, develops and deploys Google’s data centers, where she handled various strategy matters as well as mergers and acquisitions. Boden was formerly CEO of Myricom, a pioneer in high-performance computer networking and a successful Caltech spinoff. She started her career as a software engineer, and later moved into business roles such as EVP, CFO, member of Myricom’s Board of Directors […]

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Sonequa Martin-Green

Sonequa Martin-Green

Theatre, ’07 A native of Russellville, Alabama, Martin-Green graduated from The University of Alabama in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in theatre. Sonequa Martin-Green is best known for her role as Sasha Williams in the television hit “The Walking Dead.” In 2016, she was awarded a role as a lead actress in “Star Trek: The Discovery” as a lieutenant commander of the USS Discovery, making her the first African-American woman to lead the cast of a “Star Trek” ensemble. Martin-Green […]

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Mel Allen

Mel Allen

Unknown Major, ’32 Born Melvin Allen Israel, he was a student manager for the Crimson Tide’s football and baseball programs before receiving a chance to do play-by-play for UA football games. He earned undergraduate and law degrees from UA before winning an audition to announce in New York for CBS Radio in 1936. Allen broadcast his first World Series in 1938 and joined the Yankees the following year, where he stayed for the next 25 seasons. He was the voice […]

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Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson

Theatre, ’95 A film and television actor, Emerson is best known for his roles as Harold Finch on the CBS series Person of Interest and William Hinks on The Practice. He also played Benjamin Linus on the serial drama television series Lost, and has worked extensively in theatre and narration. Emerson has won two Primetime Emmy Awards and been nominated for three others. He met his wife, Carrie Preston, also his co-star on Person of Interest, while performing in a […]

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Winston Groom

Winston Groom

English, ’65 Winston Groom graduated from The University of Alabama in 1965 and served in the Army from 1965 to 1969, including a tour of duty in the Vietnam War. Once he returned to the United States, he worked as a reporter for the Washington Star before turning his attention to a career writing novels. His biggest seller, Forrest Gump, was later turned into a movie in 1994, featuring Tom Hanks. The film became a cultural phenomenon and won six […]

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