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Asher Elbein

As a freelance writer and illustrator not even four years into his career, Asher Elbein has already published multiple times with journalism behemoths including The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Smithsonian. Elbein knew when he came to The University of Alabama that he wanted to be a science journalist—after all, he’d been obsessed with […]

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Xavier Neal-Burgin

Upstart director and storyteller Xavier Neal-Burgin is pushing to tell underrepresented stories in Hollywood. At only 28 years old, Neal-Burgin has already directed twelve short films, which have led him to become an HBO Film Finalist, a Sundance Lab Fellow, a Student Academy Award Semifinalist—and he has 60,000 Twitter followers to boot. Neal-Burgin says he […]

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Theodora Ziolkowski

Only 28 years old, Theodora Ziolkowski is a Best New Poet and Pushcart Prize nominee; she has been published in more than two dozen online and print journals and magazines; and early this year she published her first novella, On the Rocks, with Texas Review Press. “Theodora is a force of nature, impressive at any […]

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Tanesia Woody

Tanesia Woody says she’s stubborn. As she tells it, she only decided to become a cryptologic language analyst for the Air Force after the recruiter suggested that she shouldn’t try because roughly 50 percent of prospective linguists fail out of the program. “When he told me it was the program most people failed out of, […]

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Rue Beyer

The open sky and beautiful views of northern Nevada have a special place in Rue Beyer’s heart. They’re her office. “A mine, depending on several factors, can go from five years to 30 or 50,” Beyer said. “One of the productions I’m working on started in the 1980s and is still being worked on today—and […]

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Olivia West

“Five, four, three. . . And here he is once again—Jimmy Fallon!” The blue curtains on the Studio 6B stage fly open as Fallon, in a futuristic race car, zooms to center stage and challenges the studio audience to a race through New York. So begins Universal Orlando’s newest attraction, which UA alumna Olivia West […]

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Olivia Bensinger

Since she was a child, Olivia Bensinger has strived to take care of the planet through advocating and recycling. Now, her goal is to save the planet through the law. Bensinger, a UA and Harvard Law School alumna, is an associate at Hughes, Hubbard and Reed—an international law firm that has been ranked No. 1 […]

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Michael Ward

­­­­­ As the director of east Oregon’s Umatilla Basin Watershed Council, alumnus Michael Ward is helping to preserve salmon species across the Pacific Northwest, and in the process he won the 2017 Water Resources Conservation Award for his work. Steelhead salmon, one of the species Ward works to protect, relies on access to mountain streams […]

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Michael Moore

Alumnus Michael Moore is about to disrupt the world of biopsies. As the CEO and co-founder of Med Kairos, Moore and his colleagues have created an algorithm-based camera that identifies and counts cancerous cells from biopsy samples—a process that was previously done manually. The camera is expected to save hospitals and their patients both countless […]

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Michael Luwoye

For most, being cast in a Broadway musical would be hard enough. Landing the lead? Practically impossible. But for Michael Luwoye, the star of the most-expensive and sought-after ticket in Broadway history, becoming Hamilton’s Hamilton was almost an accident. “I started out auditioning for the roles of Hercules Mulligan and James Madison,” Luwoye said. “I […]

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