Victoria Niton’s Path from Capitol Insights to Guatemalan Adventures 

Desktop News | November 2023

Niton at the U.S. Capital

Victoria Niton, a College of Arts and Sciences student, recently embarked on a journey that transitioned her from the heart of American politics to the culturally rich streets of Antigua, Guatemala. Her experiences have not only proven transformative but have also illuminated a path forward in her academic and career pursuits. 

Niton’s journey began with the educational groundwork, preparing her for the unique opportunities that awaited her in Washington, D.C. The “do’s and don’ts” of professionalism that she learned played a pivotal role in shaping her interactions with seasoned professionals in her field of interest. These lessons in professionalism extended well before and beyond the trip itself. 

In the heart of Washington, D.C., Niton was exposed to the inner workings of the political landscape. This unique experience was not just a sightseeing tour but an in-depth exploration of what a career in the world of politics could offer. The trip opened doors to a world of networking and future possibilities, and Niton set specific goals for herself. She pondered whether politics or law was her true calling, and whether the nation’s capital was her ultimate destination.  

“During my time in D.C. I was exposed to the culture of politics and what pursuing a career in Washington, D.C. might look like,” exclaimed Niton. “I am very grateful to have been a part of this program as it has opened a lot of doors for me in terms of networking and future opportunities.” 

Niton worked alongside a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney, an experience that illuminated her career path. The opportunity to be part of a team dedicated to helping others, using her language skills to bridge communication gaps, was nothing short of a dream come true. Growing up as a first generation American, she had always felt drawn to the idea of becoming an immigration lawyer. Working at the law firm, located just outside Washington, D.C., solidified her belief in the profound impact of this profession. It wasn’t just a job; it was her calling, and Niton felt like she was living her dream. 

“I realized that it is such a humbling and beautiful thing, the power of being an immigration lawyer,” stated Niton. “It is my dream job and I felt as if I was living the dream all while being there. I am lucky enough to have been welcomed back and further my professional career and interactions.” 

The story doesn’t end here. Niton has the privilege of being welcomed back this upcoming summer, enabling her to further her professional career and continue to shadow the law firm. Her journey of self-discovery is not confined to a single experience but is a continuous process of growth. 

Niton at Pacaya Volcano, Antigua, Guatemala

Niton embarked on another life-changing adventure, this time in Antigua, Guatemala. During her study abroad, she immersed herself in the rich culture of Guatemala and embraced academic opportunities that allowed her to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and interact with the local community. Niton’s journey in Antigua was marked by language acquisition, cultural immersion and personal growth, making it another pivotal chapter in her life. 

The experiences of Niton exemplify the essence of an enriching education. Her journey from the corridors of political power to the cultural richness of Guatemala, showcases the immense potential that exists within each of us to shape our destiny through education, exploration and personal growth. 

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