A&S in the News: August 27 – September 2, 2023

Emotional Cheating

Psychologists explain why men and women may never agree on the definition of ‘emotional cheating’: Forbes – Aug. 26

Research conducted by a team of American psychologists, led by Amanda Guitar of The University of Alabama, suggests that men and women have different ways of interpreting “emotional cheating” or “emotional infidelity” in relationships. 

Cherokee Language

UA addition of Cherokee language class dependent on student interest: The Crimson White – Aug. 27

The UA Critical Languages Center is adding a Cherokee language class taught by native speaker Gary Drowning Bear this fall. The class was developed by CLC Director Koji Arizumi, and several students have signed up. Nevertheless, the class faces possible cancellation… Arizumi, however, is uncertain about the future of the course. In an Aug. 25 email to a student enrolled in the class, he explained that it may be canceled by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Climate Change

Meet the Alabama scientists connecting soaring global temperatures to carbon dioxide: WBHM – Aug. 28

Climate scientists Rebecca Totten and Jim McClintock are time travelers, or at least something akin to it… Totten, a geologist at The University of Alabama, dials the time machine way back to 5.5 million years. She analyzes sediment below the ocean floor for the remains of tiny bugs called foraminifera… “My work is really aimed at giving context for the recent and current changes in our climate and in our ocean to better prepare for our future,” she said.

Hurricane Idalia

Alabama geography professor: Hurricane Idalia could be ‘catastrophic’: WVUA – Aug. 30

As Hurricane Idalia strengthens it has the potential to bring in a “catastrophic” storm surge. University of Alabama geography professor Jason Senkbeil said it’s possible the storm will increase in wind speed, which would put it on the lower end of a Category 4 hurricane. 

Internment Camps

No more excuses for FDR’s concentration camps for Japanese-Americans: The Sun (California) – Aug. 30

By David T. Beito…Something significant is missing from the recent official apology by the office of the California attorney general for culpability in the World War II Japanese-American internment. The wording leaves out the name of the man who made it all possible: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

14th Amendment

The 14th Amendment case against Trump disregards history and precedent: The Hill – Sept. 1

By David Beito… Laurence H. Tribe and other prominent legal scholars are proposing that the 14th Amendment makes Donald Trump ineligible for the ballot and from holding public office… David T. Beito is a research fellow at the Independent Institute, Oakland, Calif., and professor emeritus of history at The University of Alabama.