A&S in the News: July 3-9, 2022

Early Asteroid Impacts

Why did a bunch of asteroids hit the Earth billions of years ago?: SciWorthy – July 6

… Scientists from The University of Alabama and Arizona State University have recently reached further abroad to understand more about these asteroid impacts in the early Solar System. These researchers examined two meteorites ejected from Vesta, the largest rock in an asteroid belt situated just outside the orbit of Mars.

Insect Biodiversity

Bugging out: MU professor travels world to study insects: Columbia Missourian – July 7

… John Abbott, chief curator and director of the Department of Museum Research and Collections at The University of Alabama, joined Sites on his first trip to Belize alongside Shepard and Barr. All these years later, he still remains in contact witnessing all of these big milestones. “I have always admired and learned a lot from well-rounded entomologists like (Sites),” Abbott said. “I am interested in all aspects of natural history and love to learn from others with specific expertise in areas I am less familiar with. He has made significant contributions to our understanding of insect biodiversity in multiple countries and in multiple groups throughout his career.”

Climate Preservation

Climate preservation: Sunset of EPA digital archive threatens public access to information: Perspectives on History – July 7

… Ellen Griffith Spears is a professor of American studies and of the New College at The University of Alabama. They are members of the Environmental Historians Action Collaborative, an EDGI project that works to preserve government data and to analyze and provide public comment on government actions affecting the environment.

Summer Classes

Summer classes: Alabama students detail the differences: WVUA – July 7

As The University of Alabama begins its Summer II term, students say what they lack in classmates they make up for in school work. Because the classes take place over a shorter period, they wind up being longer than the average hour long class three days a week. Instead, classes often require being in class more often and for longer periods of time so students learn the same amount as their spring and fall peers.

Miss Alabama

Miss Alabama 2022: ‘Absolutely, I’m a feminist,’ Lindsay Fincher says: Al.com – July 9

… You graduated from The University of Alabama in May. Why was Alabama the right school for you? I looked at so many colleges. I had to have applied to dozens of colleges when I was a high school senior. At first, I didn’t think I was going to go to the University of Alabama. I really thought I wanted to go out of state. As I was looking at schools, I made a list of what I wanted to get out of my college experience, and as I kept touring schools, I just kept noticing The University of Alabama, even though it was in my state, was just checking off so many boxes.