A&S in the News: April 10-16, 2022

Summersell Center

UA history course explores queerness in the South: The Crimson White – April 10

… John Giggie, an associate professor of history, is the director of the Summersell Center and the instructor for the Southern queer history course. He’s interested in the production of queer knowledge. Students in his course learned about the ways that queer documents are collected and understood in professional archives or libraries. Then they visited collections at the University and the Birmingham Public Library to look at how their queer collections operate. “That prepped our students for work later in the semester, when we said, OK,” Giggie said. “Now you’ve been consuming knowledge. What would it mean to produce knowledge?’”

Confederate Myths

Jim Limber and the myth of the Confederate president’s adopted Black son: The Washington Post – April 10

… And what about Jim as entertaining playmate to the Davis children? It was not uncommon in the antebellum South for young Black and White children to play together, although Black children were often the brunt of the jokes and the victims of abuse, said Hilary Green, associate professor of history at The University of Alabama and an expert in the Civil War era. By no later than age 10, White and Black children were well aware of the racial hierarchy and their place in it. She suggests that Jim might have been brought into the household to be groomed over time as a valet for one of the Davis sons, as Jupiter was to Thomas Jefferson, a typical practice in slaveholding White households.

Bryant Museum

New trophy coming to Bryant Museum honors first 27 Black UA football players: Fox 6 – April 11

A look at a new exhibit coming to the Bryant Museum on The University of Alabama campus. This trophy was commissioned by Jeremiah Castille Foundation and it commemorates the first 27 Black football players at the University. This trophy will be on added to the museum’s integration of sports exhibit on Wednesday, ahead of Alabama’s A-Day game.

Mass Shootings

Mass shootings in the United States, are they directly related to the abundance of weapons?: Paris Beacon – April 13

… From 1966 to 2012, 31% of mass shooters worldwide were Americans, according to a 2015 study by Adam Lankford, a professor at The University of Alabama.

UA Podcasts

A guide to podcasts from UA students and faculty: The Crimson White – April 13

Meet the students and faculty at The University of Alabama who produce their own podcasts with topics ranging from business and sports to history and religion.

Metal Oxide

A surprising structural change in metal oxide at low temperature may resolve a 60-year-old mystery: Reporter Wings – April 14

… “As a chemist, I am interested in understanding the effect on the MIT from chemically modifying vanadium oxide by addition of elements like molybdenum,” said Jared Allred, assistant professor at The University of Alabama… University of Alabama researcher Matthew Davenport prepared the samples for the study.

Friendship Award

Professor honored by German government with Friendship Award: Tuscaloosa Patch – April 14

Dr. Thomas C. Fox was honored with the prestigious German American Friendship Award by the German government Wednesday at The University of Alabama Student Center.

Faculty Research Day

University of Alabama to celebrate excellence among faculty research, creative activity: Tuscaloosa Patch – April 16

Members of The University of Alabama faculty will be honored for their research, scholarship and creative contributions at the upcoming Faculty Research Day.