Laci Jordan

Laci Jordan, the brilliant mind behind "So Laci Like," strives to include and inspire black women with her work.
Laci Jordan, the brilliant mind behind “So Laci Like,” strives to include and inspire black women with her work.

As a creative director and curator of her own brand, Laci Jordan is the epitome of success.

The graphic design superstar originally set out to be an FBI agent—receiving her first degree in criminal justice in 2010—but now she is hailed by the likes of Essence and Forbes magazines as “the definition of black girl magic” and a dynamic woman who “has an undeniable pulse on what’s relevant for millennials.”

Jordan has worked for Disney Imagineering, ABC, and as a senior designer at the prestigious Creative Arts Agency in California, where she juggled multiple clients—from NIKE to ESPN. Now, she’s taking on the world as a self-empowered entrepreneur, where she’ll have the freedom to spend time on her passion projects.

In her work, Jordan seems fearless as she tackles newsworthy subjects from the Black Lives Matter Movement to Planned Parenthood—often advocating for black creatives in her work—especially women.

“Design is literally being able to create anything,” Jordan said. “It is one of the biggest ways you can communicate with people, and it can bring people together.”

In 2018, she was the mastermind behind Footlocker’s logo for International Women’s Day, and she also created an illustration for ESPN that depicts the “State of the Black Athlete.”

“The state of the black athlete is conflicted,” Jordan said. “As an athlete, you have the keys to success to take care of yourself and your family, but on the other end, you sacrifice your voice and ability to speak on anything political — you’re told to stick to the game. As a black athlete, you’re expected to enjoy your riches and fame in exchange for your voice, choices, and ethics.”

On her wildly successful blog “So Laci Like,” she writes that she’s “making the stuff you don’t see by the person you usually don’t see.”

“I just wanted to create a platform where I could have the space to create original content,” Jordan said. “I can create, essentially, whatever I want.”

2020 Update

Over the past two years, Jordan started her own freelance creative business, So Laci Like, which has skyrocketed in popularity. Recently, Jordan has created illustrations and campaigns for companies like Tinder, Sweetgreen, Calvin Klein, and Ulta Beauty, and collaborated with major publications and platforms such as the New York Times, Essence Magazine, O Magazine, and YouTube. An Adobe Partner, Jordan has also led classes and tutorials on different programs and skills needed for digital illustration, and has a collection of prints on her online shop.

In June 2020, Jordan was featured in Beyoncé’s Black Parade Route, a directory of Black-owned businesses in the United States. The list, which was posted on Juneteenth immediately went viral, was released alongside the singer’s newest single, “Black Parade,” which celebrates Black culture.