A&S in the News – September 9-September 15

Shifting South: Why Alabama is Trump’s red-state constant
Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Sept. 13
They’re mad at the stagnant economy, decaying infrastructure and deepening divide between the wealthy and the poor. And on a recent stormy night, the frustrated and furious in this central Alabama town of 1,250 made sure the local political elite heard them … How red is Alabama? Richard Fording, a University of Alabama political scientist, can’t find internships for his students because there are few campaign operations to hire them. And he can’t find many reliable recent polls of Alabama voters because most polling firms have skipped the state. “Despite the fact that black voters comprise roughly a quarter of the electorate in Alabama, Trump will likely win by more than 20 points,” Fording said. “This means that at least 75 percent of white voters will vote for Trump.”

UA professor helping to close gap in HIV education and testing among parolees
WVUA 23 (Tuscaloosa) – Sept. 12
Alabama prisoners are facing a new challenge. Because of overcrowding, felons with lesser charges are now being released into probation. However, those offenders are now losing access to HIV education and testing. The West Alabama Aids Outreach program and University of Alabama professor Dr. Bronwen Lichtenstein are hoping they can close this educational gap by providing free testing. Dr. Lichtenstein says during the past week, they gave free testing to some 60 parolees and probationers, and are hoping to see that number grow during the upcoming weeks.

Can I get a roll tide: The history of the popular phrase
Crimson White – Sept. 15
Catherine Evans Davies, a professor of linguistics in the UA Department of English since 1989, said the presence of “Roll Tide” as a phrase used in these ways demonstrates that the University of Alabama represents a discourse community.
“[Discourse community] is a flexible term that you can use as a way of talking about people who share ways of speaking,” Davies said. “So the people who enter it from the outside then have to figure out what the rules are.”

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