A&S In the News – July 15-July 21

Five options for Sen. Jeff Sessions after Trump’s VP pick
Anniston Star – July 15
This week, Alabama almost actually mattered in a presidential general election. Until Republican nominee Donald Trump picked Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions seemed a likely pick as Trump’s potential vice president. Trump may want Sessions to stay right where he is, said University of Alabama political science professor George Hawley. “My guess is that Trump would rather have Sessions in the Senate as a stalwart ally,” Hawley said.

Parenting Styles Linked With Workplace Behavior; Can Parents Be Accountable For Job Problems of Their Children?
Parenting Herald – July 18
Having troubles in your job can actually be linked to how you were brought up by your parents. A study has found a connection between parenting styles and how your children behave in the workplace when they come of age. “It seems cliché, but, once again, we end up blaming mom for everything in life. It really is about both parents, but because mothers are typically the primary caregivers of the children, they usually have more influence on their children,” according to Dr. Peter Harms. Harms is a researcher from the University of Alabama.

New College brings new ideas
(Jasper) Daily Mountain Eagle – July 20
For the past couple of months, students from New College at the University of Alabama have been taking part in the Walker County Internship Program. The program allows students to partner with Walker County-based nonprofit organizations, working on a variety of issues with a focus on community problem-solving. “The Walker County Internship Program is a life-changing experience for our students, and we are immensely grateful for the partnership we have with the Walker Area Community Foundation,” New College Director Natalie Adams said. “Living and working in Walker County gives our interns opportunities to see the value of sustained community engagement. The internship provides a hands-on education in the duties and benefits of citizenship. And through the example set by the Community Foundation and other nonprofits in Walker County, our students do more than learn — they experience — the impact a commitment to civic life has in a community.” The program is a partnership between the WACF, New College and the David Matthews Center for Civic Life. The program started in 2011, with 2016 marking five years for the partnership.

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