UA Hosts Academic Officers of National Consortium

A college career can be about exploration, about setting no limits other than one’s own. That spirit of innovation is showcased when The University of Alabama’s New College hosts the academic officers of the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning Nov. 6-8 in room 202 of Lloyd Hall.

CIEL is a national consortium of New College-like institutions. Their mission is to explore the nature, origins and sustainability of innovation in higher education and advocate for innovative, alternative practices.

“CIEL is an organization of institutions with similar missions and practices to New College,” said Dr. Natalie Adams, director of New College. “Our goal as a consortium is to be public advocates for innovative, alternative practices in higher education and to collaborate on projects that advance innovative, experimental learning opportunities.”

“The annual CIEL meeting brings together people from like-minded institutions to talk about how we, at our individual institutions, are continuously innovating and renewing our own practices and how we can, as a group, contribute to the national dialogue on higher education,” Adams said.

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