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Spanish Outreach Program Allows UA Students to Give Back

From the August 2021 Desktop News | Students in The University of Alabama’s Spanish program are taking their language skills outside of the college classroom and into local schools. Each semester, around 15 students with Spanish majors or minors participate in the Spanish Outreach program, a course where they spend at least six hours per week mentoring and tutoring local Hispanic students. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Michael Schnepf, now an emeritus professor of Spanish at UA, Spanish Outreach was […]

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A History of Us

Students touch a stone memorial with names at EJI.

From the 2020 Collegian | On a January morning, 18 Central High School students sat around a circle of tables in their first period class. It’s silent, but it’s not tense—there’s an air of thoughtfulness, of students searching to find their answer to the question posed moments before. One by one, the students begin to raise their hands, looking at the professor leading the class. The question? “How does mass incarceration affect you personally?” Dr. John Giggie, a history professor […]

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Exploring the Worlds of Work: Researchers Help Shape Career Fair for Eighth Graders

West Alabama Works logo

From the October 2020 Desktop News | Two Arts and Sciences researchers are working to study the future of West Alabama’s workforce through Worlds of Work, an event which helps eighth grade students in the area to explore different work fields, careers, and technical training programs through their schools. Dr. Joan Barth, a senior research social scientist in the Institute for Social Science Research, and Dr. Pamela Young, Director of Community Engagement and Economic Development, partnered with the West Alabama […]

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Virtual Reality Sandbox

Dr. Sagy Cohen doing a demonstration in the sandbox.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZUAFNVx2-w] From the November 2016 Desktop News | The newest interactive exhibit at the Alabama Museum of Natural History  is part sandbox, part Xbox, and it’s teaching students of all ages about topography, flood hazards, and watersheds. “With Google maps and other applications, people aren’t used to reading paper maps anymore,” Dr. Sagy Cohen, a professor in the Department of Geography, said. “But in my field—and even for people who like hiking or hunting—reading topographical maps is still a very […]

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Researchers Bring HIV Education to Parolees and Probationers

Dr. Bronwen Lichtenstein

From the September 2016 Desktop News | Due to overcrowding in Alabama prisons, the state recently began diverting felons with lesser charges into parole and probation programs. One unexpected outcome, however, was that these convicted offenders, who fall in a higher risk bracket for HIV, no longer had access to the HIV education classes routinely offered in prison. Wanting to close this educational gap and bring free HIV testing to those willing to participate, Dr. Bronwen Lichtenstein, UA professor of criminal justice, […]

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UA Cyber Initiatives Aid Law Enforcement

From the April 2014 Desktop News | Two College of Arts and Sciences professors have been invited to provide law enforcement officials worldwide with a “behind the curtain” look at how academics can help investigate cyber-related crimes. Dr. Diana Dolliver and Dr. Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, both faculty members in the Department of Criminal Justice, will present to an audience of about 500-600 law enforcement professionals at an international training event in Atlanta in May. Their goal is to make conference attendees […]

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