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Chambers to Lecture on Middle East

Noted historian and UA alum visits campus From the September 2013 Desktop News | Dr. Richard Chambers, a UA alumnus and noted historian of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, will visit The University of Alabama this month to discuss the development of the field of Middle Eastern politics and what it takes to be a specialist in Middle Eastern studies. His lecture, “Middle Eastern Studies Then and Now: An Insider View,” will take place on September 26 at 4 p.m. […]

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‘God Particle’ Scientist Visits UA

A&S professors research Higgs boson, particle physics in ongoing experiment From the September 2013 Desktop News | One of the scientists who discovered the “God particle” visited UA August 28 to discuss the milestone discovery. Dr. Albert de Roeck, a scientist on the research team that recently discovered the Higgs boson — aka the “God particle” — spoke about the discovery, and ongoing research, at an event sponsored by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The standard model of particle physics was […]

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Jackson to Deliver Mills Lecture

CBS 42 News Anchor Will Give April 26 Lecture From the April 2013 Desktop News | Sherri Jackson, news anchor for CBS 42 in Birmingham and a member of the College’s Paul Jones Advisory Board, will be on campus this month to deliver the Helen Crow Mills and John Carroll Mills Endowed Lecture on April 26 at 11 a.m. in Farrah Hall. Her lecture, “TV or Not TV: Is that the question? Why Ethics Must Cross Platforms for Journalists,” will address the evolving […]

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Migration/s Exhibit Used as Interdisciplinary Learning Experience

From the March 2013 Desktop News | “Migration/s,” a collaborative exhibition featuring works in the Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art at The University of Alabama, opens this month at the Paul R. Jones Gallery of Art in downtown Tuscaloosa and will be on display until April 19. The exhibit, part of a semester-long exploration of the theme of migration, investigates how artists have reflected upon the history of African American experiences in the wake of the Great Migration, as well as […]

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Abortion’s Sensitivity in Modern Culture Topic of Philosophy Today Lecture

From the March 2013 Desktop News | The topic of abortion has historically been and continues to be a sensitive topic in society. Dr. William G. Lycan, a professor of philosophy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, has researched some of the reasons behind this and will be on the UA campus to discuss, “Why the Abortion Issue is So Difficult,” on March 7 at 7:30 p.m.in Room 205 Smith Hall, part of the 2012-2013 Philosophy Today Lecture Series. Lycan’s talk […]

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Mystery of Multiplicity

Series celebrates diversity of perspectives in the liberal arts, across the University The College of Arts and Sciences is home to 22 academic divisions, 100 programs of study, 534 faculty members, and 9,250 students. That’s a lot of specialties, personalities, and interests — and Creative Campus’s Object X discussion series wants to celebrate them. By drawing together faculty and students from the College’s many academic divisions, Creative Campus hopes to “highlight the multiplicity of perspectives present in our daily lives.” […]

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ALLELE Series: Exploring Evolution

Seminars Educate Students and the Public about Evolution and Human History Now in its eighth year, the ALLELE (Alabama Lectures on Life’s Evolution) seminar series is a specialized group of talks on all things evolution — including human evolution, human development, philosophy, natural science, and many other subjects. The series brings to campus influential scientists, scholars, and authors from universities, museums, and research labs throughout North America. Rather than focusing narrowly on the theory of evolution itself, ALLELE speakers approach […]

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Philosophy Today Lecturer Revisits “The Problem of Consciousness”

“The Problem of Consciousness Revisited,” will be discussed by Dr. Frank Jackson, the second speaker in the 2012-2013 Philosophy Today Lecture Series, which brings well known philosophers to campus to lecture on various topics. He will review some of his research on consciousness that has been very influential in the philosophy community. Jackson, a leading philosopher of the mind, wrote the article “Epiphenomenal Qualia,” in a 1982 edition of Philosophical Quarterly that was remarkably influential. It stated that the mind could […]

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