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A History of Us

Students touch a stone memorial with names at EJI.

From the 2020 Collegian | On a January morning, 18 Central High School students sat around a circle of tables in their first period class. It’s silent, but it’s not tense—there’s an air of thoughtfulness, of students searching to find their answer to the question posed moments before. One by one, the students begin to raise their hands, looking at the professor leading the class. The question? “How does mass incarceration affect you personally?” Dr. John Giggie, a history professor […]

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High School Teachers, Students Learn Changing Tech & Solar Science

As energy generation alternatives gain traction, Alabama educators are working to keep up with this changing technology in their science curricula. Dr. Shanlin Pan’s six-week training course this summer, for Alabama teachers and students, aims at making the sometimes complex scientific concepts underpinning solar power more accessible to the state’s students. During the program, the teachers received research experience while working with University of Alabama chemistry researchers, developed their own modules to explain aspects of solar energy generation to students, and worked to […]

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