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A&S in the News: August 20-26, 2017

The Alternative Right ‘Very fine people’ or white racists?: ‘Alt-right’ makes moves into the mainstream: Al.com – Aug. 20 Fascination about the “alt-right” has swelled in recent days, following violence in Charlottesville, Va., and President Donald Trump’s suggestions there were some “very fine people” at the demonstration who’ve been treated poorly by the media … Two University of Alabama political science professors are on the front line of analyzing the “alt-right,” short for the “alternative right,” the same group emboldened by […]

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UA Professor Helps Discover Theory in How Glaciers Influenced Land Formations

From the January 2016 Desktop News | Dr. Sarah Praskievicz, an assistant professor of geography at UA, recently used a forecasting model she co-developed to discover what the Oregon Coast Range might have looked like more than 25,000 years ago. Praskievicz originally designed the model while pursuing her doctorate at the University of Oregon in order to look at the impact of climate change on river systems in high-elevation regions. But, wanting to better understand how frost shapes lower-elevation regions, Praskievicz […]

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Geographer Recognized by AAG

From the February 2015 Desktop News | The Association of American Geographers awarded Dr. Bobby Wilson the AAG 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognized his extraordinary contributions to the scholarship of urban and social geography, urban studies, and anti-racist theory and practice; his teaching and mentoring; and his exemplary leadership in support of geography. Wilson’s career spans more than four decades. Through his research, he has addressed issues of housing, urban revitalization, economic development and social justice for black […]

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Discovering Science

Geographers, Museums Revamp Learning Lab UA’s College of Arts and Sciences has paired up with the Alabama Museum of Natural History to offer the Discovery Learning Lab to local teenagers. The lab, which was already a component of the museum, has been improved with the addition of iPads, computers, and geographic information technology provided by the Department of Geography in the hope that it will promote education and technological literacy. With these resources, students will be able to improve on […]

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