Faculty and Staff Community Engagement Academy

The University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences Community Engagement Faculty and Staff Fellowship program serves as an incubator for research and teaching programs that significantly advance community engagement work. The program supports the growth of creative activities, research and scholarship focused on engaged learning and enhances faculty and staff success in the classroom and outside across a range of disciplines while advancing the University’s academic strategic plan. As a result of this program, individual faculty and staff will increase their ability to move from traditional outreach and service-learning to critical and peer-reviewed engaged scholarship.

Program Goal

A&S faculty and staff fellows successfully develop and implement community engaged teaching and research initiatives focused on contributing to the public good and having a broader impact on society.

Program Objectives

  • Fellows will increase their knowledge of developing and maintaining community-based partnerships.
  • Fellows understand key elements of community engaged research and are able to articulate this in their funding proposals.
  • Fellows are able to better articulate the connection between community engagement and student learning outcomes in their course syllabi.
  • Fellows know how to integrate reflection, assessment, and evaluation into their community engagement initiatives.
  • Fellows form a network of engaged learning scholars, learn to develop collaborations with fellow practitioners and researchers, and provide quality feedback.


  • A maximum of six fellowships will be awarded.
  • Fellowships are for one academic year.
  • Fellows will choose one of two areas of focus: community engagement research or community-engaged teaching.
  • Fellows who will focus on community engaged research/creative work receive $4,000; fellows who will focus on community-engaged teaching receive $2,000.
  • Qualified programs include community engaged research and new or updated community engaged courses.


  1. Fellows are required to participate in a meeting once a month where there will be a presentation and discussion about topics related to community engagement. These highly supportive and interactive sessions as well as one on one meetings with the program director will include focused conversations about “best practices” in engaged scholarship with fellows invited to critically review and apply these practices to his/her own scholarship.
  2. In the year following the fellowship, cohort members are expected to present their work to the wider University community.
  3. Fellows are encouraged to participate in the community engagement tour run by the Division of Community Affairs. This field visit provides an opportunity to engage with the community in West Alabama, exposure to ongoing projects, and discussions with community members.
  4. Full details of benchmarks and expectations are outlined in the program agreement.
  5. Fellows should be careful not make specific commitments to community partners prior to the start of program.

Application Process

  1. A call for nominations is now open with fellowships beginning at the start of the Fall 2022 semester.
  2. The review of applicants will include the Director of Community Engagement and Economic Development, as well as the Divisional Associate Deans.
  3. To apply, complete the online application. You are required to submit a CV, statement of focus, draft focus and letter of support.
  4. Applications are due by April 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Pamela Young at pyoung2@ua.edu.