VitAL, State Create On-Demand Digital Learning Program 

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The University of Alabama partnered with several state agencies to launch a digital platform and on-demand learning program designed to offer essential education and training to physicians and healthcare professionals. 

VitAL On-Demand signifies a milestone in standardizing content delivery and promoting professional development for healthcare professionals across Alabama. 

“Through our partnership with the state of Alabama and other key agencies in developing VitAL On-Demand, providers will be equipped with the knowledge they need to excel in their practice and improve healthcare outcomes across Alabama,” said Dr. David L. Albright, University Distinguished Professor and VitAL principal investigator. 

This collaboration between VitAL and the state of Alabama reflects their shared vision of enhancing services, policies and community conditions for individuals facing mental health, substance use and trauma-related challenges. With VitAL’s reach extending to all 67 counties in Alabama, the impact of this partnership will be felt statewide. 

VitAL On-Demand offers an extensive course catalog tailored to address the unique requirements of healthcare providers. These courses cover a wide range of topics in the healthcare industry, including alcohol use disorder treatment, substance use stigma and motivational interviewing techniques.  

Successful completion of each one-hour course grants participants one Continuing Medical Education Credit or Continuing Education Credit, further supporting their professional development. Additional courses will be added to the course catalog over time.  

The partnership between VitAL and key state agencies, including the Alabama Department of Mental Health, Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama Medicaid agency, demonstrates a commitment to implementing evidence-informed practices and promoting education and community engagement throughout the state. 

Initial course offerings and descriptions can be viewed at