A&S in the News: March 3-16, 2024

U.S. Supreme Court

Alabama professor discusses Supreme Court ruling keeping Trump on ballot: WVUA – March 7

The United States Supreme Court overturned a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that Donald Trump’s name could not be on the election ballot, citing Amendment 14, Section 3 in the U.S. Constitution, which is referred to as the Insurrection Clause. University of Alabama professor Dr. Allen Linken said the U. S. Supreme Court’s ruling makes sense, but it still requires more federal government discussion.

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th: WVUA – March 11

On April 8th, portions of the United States will experience a Total Solar Eclipse, with the path of the totality to the west of Alabama. Last October, an Annular Solar Eclipse crossed the US, with a center path lined up from the Pacific northwest to Texas. There is a difference between the Annular and Total Eclipse. I spoke with Dr. Jeremy Bailin, a professor at The University of Alabama on the differences.

Cicada Season

Get prepared for an active cicada season this year: HVille Blast – March 13

You know you’re in Alabama in the summertime when you hear the familiar sounds of cicadas. To me, it’s a welcome part of living here in the south, and one of the aspects of the summer I have always appreciated…According to a report from John Abbott — an associate professor and Chief Curator and Director of Museum Research and Collections at The University of Alabama — millions of cicadas will emerge this summer statewide due to an overlapping of cicada broods.