A&S in the News: January 7-20, 2024

Universities Against Cancer

Universities Against Cancer: A catalyst for change: The Crimson White – Jan. 10

Universities Against Cancer is an organization at the University that is registered as a nonprofit with the state of Alabama and works to raise money for patient needs funds at local hospitals. The organization was founded by roommates Lucas Ealy, the president and a freshman majoring in political science, and Matthew Glatt, the vice president and a freshman majoring in computer engineering.

Disaffiliated Churches

More than 7,000 churches leave UMC as it prepares to take on LGBTQ issues in 2024: The Valdosta Daily Times – Jan. 12

Amid shifting views on social issues, a mass exodus of congregations from the United Methodist Church has essentially concluded at its Dec. 31, 2023 deadline…“If you think about where the power centers are for movements toward gender inclusion, sexual orientation, inclusion in light of gender and sexual orientation, the South is not a stronghold on that front,” said Richard Newton, a professor of religious studies at The University of Alabama.

UA Observatory

Alabama observatories share the universe with the rest of us: Alabama News Center – Jan. 16

Crystal-clear, winter evenings are fine for stargazing from the roof of the University of Alabama’s Gallalee Hall. The Tuscaloosa observatory is one of several throughout Alabama with mammoth telescopes focused on galactic phenomena…“Some find it overwhelming,” says Jeremy Bailin, associate professor of physics and astronomy at The University of Alabama.


“We’re constantly forgotten about,” Students discuss accessibility: The Crimson White – Jan. 17

Although The University of Alabama leads the way in programs like Adapted Athletics, which allow students who use wheelchairs the opportunity to play sports, some students with disabilities say campus and off-campus areas like the Strip still present them with accessibility challenges…Toni Nelson, a junior on the wheelchair tennis team majoring in criminal justice, also said she tends to wait for someone else to push the crosswalk buttons due to difficulties reaching them.

Art Professors

UA art professors: Educators by day, astounding creators by night: The Crimson White – Jan. 17

For Jason Guynes, professor of art and chair of the Department of Art and Art History, “the opportunity to view the world through someone else’s eyes for a moment is often what’s so interesting in art in general.” This is an enlightening perspective; it allows one to throw off the notions of art as an innocent whim of youth or as wishful escapism for adults and let it simply exist as a medium for perspectives.

UA School of Music

Spring Spectrum Concert and Bark to the Beat Music 5K: A look into upcoming School of Music events: The Crimson White – Jan. 17

The School of Music has been a vital component of The University of Alabama’s vibrant campus since opening in 1987. The school, which is based within Moody Music Building, teaches over 400 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels… The school organizes various concerts and performances that allow students to express their love for music with various genres, styles and instruments.