A&S in the News: October 29 – November 4, 2023

Internship Opportunities

Opinion | Don’t miss out on internship opportunities: The Crimson White – Oct. 29

… When a UA student is searching for an internship, it is essential to know the services offered to them at The University of Alabama and the tools that can give them an edge in the application process. “Logistics are often just as intimidating as the job itself,” said Pamela Derrick, the director of experiential learning at the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Christopher Columbus

Bonus – The Historical Columbus w/ Juan Ponce Vázquez: American Prestige (podcast) – Oct. 29

Danny and Derek speak with Juan Ponce Vázquez, associate professor history at The University of Alabama, about Christopher Columbus.


What Can Headbutting Goats Reveal About Brain Injury?: Psychology Today – Oct. 30

… “They hit very hard,” says Nicole Ackermans, who leads the Comparative Vertebrate Neurodegeneration Lab at The University of Alabama. …It’s only natural to wonder what those kinds of repeated forces do to the animals’ brains,” says Ackermans. She studies the brains of headbutting animals to better understand how injuries can add up and lead to neurodegeneration. Ackermans hopes this research will fill gaps in our knowledge of how neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), develop over time in humans.


What we’ve learned in 60 years of studying quasars: Astronomy Magazine – Nov. 1

… According to quasar expert William Keel of The University of Alabama, “Narrow [optical] emission lines come from low-density gas as it absorbs the ionizing ultraviolet light from the inner accretion disk and electrons recombine with the ions, rattling around and exciting additional ions by collisions along the way.” …  When astronomers first uncovered the relation between galaxy and supermassive black hole masses, “it seemed crazy to think the black holes came first,” says Keel. “But seeing some quasars with billions of solar masses in the early universe, even if they weren’t first, they must have gotten a head start on growth compared to the surrounding galaxies.”

Queer History

Underrepresented in the South: How UA LGBTQ+ students created their community: The Crimson White – Nov. 1

According to the Queer Alabama History website, John M. Giggie, director of the Summersell Center for the Study of the South, led a student group in the first research seminar in queer history offered by The University of Alabama. 

Native American History Month

The survival of Native American history through storytelling and art: The Crimson White – Nov. 1

… Heather Kopelson, an associate professor of history at the University, emphasized the importance of talking about Native Americans as “active agents,” especially in conversations about the erasure and preservation of their cultures. Some of the examples she gave are the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in 2016, the review of the Indian Child Welfare Act, and the renaming of Washington, D.C.’s NFL team from the Redskins to the Commanders… Here at the University, a student-led organization for Native Americans and Native allies is developing. BISON, the Bama Indigenous Student Organization Network, is an up-and-coming group founded to bring awareness to Native issues and struggles, according to Kopelson.

Hallowed Grounds Tour

‌‘No longer lying’: What the Hallowed Grounds tours mean to campus: The Crimson White – Nov. 1

The Department of Gender and Race Studies and Black Faculty and Staff Association Ambassadors have collaborated since 2015 to run the Hallowed Grounds tours. These tours aim to educate students and community members about the University’s long history of slavery and how it connects to existing campus structures.

Haunting at the Museum

Alabama Museum of Natural History and Gorgas House Museum co-host ‘Haunting at the Museum’: The Crimson White – Nov. 5

The Alabama Museum of Natural History and the Gorgas House Museum co-hosted “Haunting at the Museum” events between Oct. 23 and 31.