Addie Grace Pyron’s Transformational Internship Experience

Addie Grace on the Capital steps
Addie Grace Pyron

Desktop News | October 2023

Addie Grace Pyron’s journey through the Washington D.C. Professional Preparation Program led her to a remarkable summer internship that left an enduring mark on her professional growth and personal development.  

Pyron’s summer internship was with the Intervention Court at the Harrison County Courthouse in Mississippi, where she worked closely with Circuit Court Judge Randi Mueller. During her internship, Pyron not only gained practical knowledge of the justice system but also discovered a profound understanding of herself and the demands of working in a professional environment. 

Her prior experience in the Washington D.C. Professional Preparation Program proved instrumental in preparing her for the internship. The trip allowed her to acquire essential interviewing skills and to gain confidence in professional interactions. These skills served her well during her summer internship, where she engaged with attorneys, judges and circuit clerks. Pyron’s ability to think quickly on her feet, nurtured during her time in D.C., proved to be an invaluable asset in the fast-paced environment of the courthouse, where she frequently encountered unexpected challenges. 

“If the DC trip was a crash course in professional development, my summer internship was the TED Talk,” said Pyron. “I very quickly learned independence and gained the confidence necessary to be successful in a professional environment.” 

One standout memory from her summer internship was her participation in a murder trial. This experience had a significant impact on her, making her feel like she was in the midst of a true crime documentary. It not only deepened her understanding of the legal system but also ignited her passion for the intricacies of courtroom proceedings. 

Perhaps the most significant takeaway from Pyron’s internship was the connections she forged during her time in Mississippi. Networking with professionals in her field of interest opened doors and provided her with valuable insights and guidance. These connections were facilitated by the professional skills she had gained during her trip to Washington, D.C. 

“The DC program looked great on paper, but it turned out to be so much more in person. The tours, meetings, and networking opportunities opened doors that I hadn’t even considered. This experience has already paid off, and I know that I will continue to benefit from it in the years to come,” exclaimed Pyron! 

Pyron’s journey through the Washington D.C. Professional Preparation Program exemplifies the program’s success in empowering students for success in the professional world. Her internship experience, working with Circuit Court Judge Randi Mueller and the Intervention Court, not only expanded her knowledge of the justice system but also enhanced her ability to navigate the professional sphere. The program’s emphasis on experiential learning, combined with exposure to diverse settings, undoubtedly prepared her for the opportunities that lie ahead in her career.  

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