AIRC Journal Amplifies Student Research

Desktop News | September 2023

The University of Alabama’s International Relations Club (AIRC) is making waves in the academic world with the launch of its peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal, the International Relations Journal. This exciting initiative opens doors for students to publish their research in the fields of international relations and comparative politics, filling a crucial gap in the University’s academic landscape. 

AIRC, a prominent student-led global affairs organization at The University of Alabama, offers its members opportunities for learning, personal growth, community building, and global impact. Through its accomplished alumni, AIRC inspires and supports its members in becoming capable leaders in various fields, including government, business, international affairs, and community service. 

The International Relations Journal represents more than just an academic endeavor; it embodies AIRC’s commitment to nurturing intellectual curiosity and academic exploration among students. The journal serves as a platform for both undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their research expertise and gain the recognition they deserve. 

“The University has such a large political science and international relations community who do not have anywhere to publish their papers on campus,” said Emily Smith, Senior Editor and Co-Founder. “So, I think that this can fill a gap in that market here.” 

A standout feature of the journal is its inclusivity. It welcomes submissions from students across all majors and academic backgrounds, whether you are an experienced researcher or new to the field of international relations. Moreover, there is no requirement to create entirely new research papers; students can submit work they have previously completed for their classes. 

In contrast to many academic journals that focus on specific themes or narrow subject areas, the International Relations Journal takes a more open-ended approach. It encourages a diverse array of topics and perspectives within the realms of international relations and comparative politics, allowing students to explore a wide range of issues that interest them. 

The journal is currently accepting submissions until November 27th. If you have questions or need guidance regarding your submission, do not hesitate to contact the AIRC’s leadership via email. 

  • Maddi Williams, Editor in Chief and Co-Founder, can be reached at: or  
  • Emily Smith, Senior Editor and Co-founder, can be reached at: or  
  • Zach Johnson, Senior Editor, can be reached at: 

They are readily available to assist you through the process and provide any necessary support. 

By offering a platform for students to publish their work and engage with the broader academic community, AIRC demonstrates its commitment to fostering intellectual growth and scholarly achievement. Whether you are a student passionate about international relations or simply curious about academic research, the International Relations Journal invites you to participate in this exciting journey of discovery and knowledge dissemination. Submit your research here

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