A&S Students’ Holiday Card Collaboration

Katie Nebbia and Katelyn Daniewicz, two exceptionally talented graphic design students at The University of Alabama, joined forces to create a holiday card that perfectly encapsulated their creative prowess and collaborative spirit. 

Katie Nebbia, hailing from Buffalo, New York, is a BFA graphic design major with a lifelong passion for visual artistry.  

Nebbia describes the start of her journey to graphic design as, “When I was younger, I would often staple pages together, creating little books out of them, and then I would draw and design those books. That’s what made me want to go into graphic design.” 

This early spark of creativity evolved into a passionate commitment to her craft, focusing primarily on magazines and publications. Nebbia’s enthusiasm for graphic design shines through her coursework, where she relishes every aspect of her classes. The gratification she derives from seeing the final printed product or mock-up is a testament to her dedication. Additionally, her minor in news media emphasizes her appreciation for the written word’s power in design, emphasizing precision in communication, especially in projects like magazines. Nebbia is a creative force to be reckoned with, seamlessly blending her passion for visual and written aspects of design. 

Katelyn Daniewicz’s journey to the BFA in graphic design was similarly ignited in her early years. Even during her elementary school days, she stood out for her unwavering enthusiasm for art classes, even in a small school where few shared her passion. One standout memory was her science project where she crafted a brochure for a planet, which spurred her to deepen her interest. Around the age of 13 or 14, Daniewicz discovered her love for HTML and CSS, diving into website customization and design showcasing her keen eye for aesthetics.  

“I’ve always been interested in the way things look and how it affects how we interact with them,” said Daniewicz. 

Her belief in the profound impact of visual aesthetics on people’s interactions with various elements shines brightly in every project she tackles, further solidifying her status as a true creative powerhouse in design. 

When Nebbia and Daniewicz were chosen to collaborate on a holiday card project, their shared background in teamwork from previous projects laid a strong foundation. Meeting at a local coffee shop, they embarked on this creative journey as a dynamic duo. With open minds and a wealth of ideas, they approached the task, each contributing their unique design perspectives. Side by side, they merged their thoughts, offering constructive feedback and unwavering support to one another. Their collaborative synergy resulted in a holiday card that was a true manifestation of their combined creativity and shared commitment to the project. 

“Both Katie and Kathlyn consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic, tackling their design projects with enthusiasm and a positive attitude,” said Cassandra Palmer, assistant professor of graphic design. “They are known to put in extra time to ensure perfection.”

The BFA in graphic design, introduced in the fall of 2022, provided the perfect platform for Katie Nebbia and Katelyn Daniewicz to further hone their skills and collaborate on exciting projects like the holiday card.  

In the hands of these two exceptional students, the holiday card became a work of art that not only conveyed the spirit of the season but also showcased the talents of Nebbia and Daniewicz. Their portfolios, brimming with innovative designs and a deep appreciation for aesthetics, continue to stand as a reflection of their dedication and passion for the world of graphic design. As they forge ahead towards graduation in December 2023, it’s clear that Nebbia and Daniewicz are destined for great success in the field of graphic design, leaving a lasting mark on every project they undertake. 

Katie Nebbia Portfolio: https://bit.ly/3N6cmoC

Katelyn Daniewicz Portfolio: https://www.katelyndaniewicz.com