A&S in the News: September 3-9, 2023

Queer Student Association

UA Queer Student Association celebrates 40th anniversary with Shantay, UA: The Crimson White – Sept. 4

The University of Alabama’s Queer Student Association held its first annual Shantay, UA event at the Student Center on Friday to commemorate the 40-year anniversary of the organization’s establishment. University Programs teamed up with QSA to offer bingo, food, performances and tables from several University organizations.

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third survivor talks about giving back while marking the 5th anniversary of mass shooting: CBS12 (Cincinnati) – Sept. 5

… University of Alabama professor Adam Lankford is a national expert on mass shootings who is on the panel Tuesday night. He discussed how to help someone who might be showing signs of mental stress and possibly acting out. “It would be silly to expect someone who doesn’t study mass shootings for a living to predict a mass shooting in advance,” he said. “The real key is if you see something that is concerning behavior that is really out the ordinary that suggests someone that is really close to you is on a path toward danger, even if you don’t totally understand it, go ahead and report it.”
NBC (Cincinnati)

Food Insecurity

“Student hunger is real:” the reality of food insecurity on campus: The Crimson White – Sept. 6

…College campuses have seen an increase in food insecurity after COVID-19, and The University of Alabama’s students are no exception to this struggle…Jean Rykaczewski, CEO of the West Alabama Food Bank, said food insecurity is a real problem for many students, including those at the University.

Earth’s Core

Earth’s core appears to be wrapped in an ancient, unexpected structure: Science Alert – Sept. 8

… “Seismic investigations, such as ours, provide the highest resolution imaging of the interior structure of our planet, and we are finding that this structure is vastly more complicated than once thought,” said geologist Samantha Hansen from The University of Alabama when the findings were announced.

Green Darner Dragonflies

Flying, hovering and gliding around the lakefront — the dragonflies are everywhere: NPR Chicago – Sept. 8

Melissa Sanchez Hererra, an entomologist studying dragonflies at The University of Alabama, said the dragonflies will travel more than 900 miles. “They’re going to start to cross the lake,” Sanchez Herrera said. “Because some of these are actually coming from Canada.”