A&S in the News: June 11-17, 2023

Junior Archaeology Day

Junior dig at Pope’s Tavern: Florence Courier Journal – June 13

… The Museum has recently contracted with The University of Alabama to continue archaeological testing at the Museum, after a 2021 archaeological dig unearthed over 300 artifacts.

Trump Arraignment

What’s next? Trump pleads not guilty: WVUA – June 13

… With Trump’s current situation there’s no doubt questions about his arraignment will arise. Dr. Allen Linken, political science professor at The University of Alabama says it will be difficult for Trump to tiptoe around them for a long period of time. Linken: “You have the right to remain silent and anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. It’s really, really difficult for any candidate to not say a word about something on the campaign trail.”

Voting Rights

Supreme Court’s voting rights ruling in Alabama could change U.S. political landscape: Alabama Public Radio – June 15

… This ruling was likely influenced by Alabama’s history of Black voter suppression. University of Alabama professor and voting rights expert Dr. Richard Fording said this history is more recent than some may think. “All the way up to 2013, there were many documented cases where Alabama tried to change their election laws and [the] Justice Department said, ‘No, that’s discriminatory.’” he said. “This sort of history of discrimination isn’t necessarily just rooted in the deep past.”

IceCube Observatory

Cold science with the IceCube EPSCoR Initiative: South Dakota Public Broadcasting – June 16

Cold science is happening this summer in South Dakota. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is hosting the third annual IceCube EPSCoR Initiative undergraduate summer program… Professor Dawn Williams, of The University of Alabama, is astroparticle physicist who specializes in cosmic rays, simulation, data analysis and data quality control. She is also the Technical Lead of the IceCube Cosmic Ray Working Group.

Miss Alabama

Miss UA prepares for Miss Alabama competition: WVUA – June 17

Reigning Miss University of Alabama, Miss Ibby Dickson, is preparing for a new title, Miss Alabama. The competition is being held Birmingham later this month. The winner of the Miss Alabama title will represent the state at the Miss America competition in January. Ibby is a news media and political science double major from Sylacauga.