A&S in the News: June 4-10, 2023

Alabama Greece Initiative

When “Corfu, Corfu” met “Sweet home Alabama”: News Bulletin 24/7 – June 2

The nine-member delegation of The University of Alabama arrived on the island today, with the aim of having a more detailed discussion on possible collaborations, at a research level first… “We have launched an initiative, the Alabama Greece Initiative, which includes a network of Greek universities with which we wish to cooperate and which allows us to proceed with exchanges at the research level,” the vice-chancellor said for her part, speaking to APE-MPE of The University of Alabama for International Programs and Experiential Learning, Lisa Pawloski.

Earth’s Hidden Mountains

The search for Earth’s hidden mountains: BBC – June 5

It was a glaring summer’s day in Antarctica. Through frozen eyelashes, Samantha Hansen blinked out at the featureless landscape: a wall of white, where up was the same as down, and ground blended seamlessly into sky. Amid these disorientating conditions, with temperatures of around -62C (-80F), she identified a suitable spot in the snow, and took out a spade. Hansen was in the continent’s bleak interior – not the comparatively balmy, picturesque Antarctica of cruise ship tours, but an unforgiving environment rarely even braved by the local wildlife. As part of a team from The University of Alabama and Arizona State University, she was looking for hidden ‘mountain’ ranges – peaks that no explorer has ever set foot on, no sunlight has ever illuminated. These mountains occur deep within the Earth.

Mass Shootings

New study identifies sexual frustration as a significant factor in mass shootings: PsyPost – June 5

… “Mass killings by people who claim to be involuntarily celibate (i.e., ‘incels’) have received a tremendous amount of attention in recent years, and they appear to be a growing threat,” explained study authors Adam Lankford and Jason R. Silva, a criminology professor at The University of Alabama and an assistant criminal justice professor at William Paterson University, respectively. “As a result, the U.S. Secret Service published a 2021 case study on a man who opened fire at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida and shot six women. That perpetrator identified with incels, complained about the male ‘virginity burden,’ and had a history of sexual misconduct. But we suspected the problem of sexually frustrated mass shooters is far more extensive than most people realize, so we wanted to study it as rigorously as possible.”

SummerTide Theatre

SummerTide Theatre celebrates 20th anniversary with “Nunsense” in Gulf Shores: Fox Mobile/Pensacola – June 7

The University of Alabama’s professional theater, SummerTide Theatre, is celebrating their 20th anniversary in Gulf Shores.

Climate Change Extinction

UA professor works with team to study climate change and extinction: PBS Chicago – June 7

… My name is Tom Tobin, assistant professor at The University of Alabama in the department of geological sciences. “My primary area that I work is as a geochemist. I combine that with invertebrate paleontologists, so I work with a lot of invertebrate fossils, like clams, snails, but also extinct ones like ammonites…”
PBS (web)

Alabama GOP

Alabama GOP: Does DeSantis on Twitter mean friendlier social media for conservatives?: Alabama Public Radio – June 8

… But, there are other views when it comes to GOP complaints of suppression on social media… “I think I think it’s fair to some extent, right?” said Doctor Regina Wagner. She teaches political science at The University of Alabama. Wagner agrees that some conservative views are being branded by critics as disinformation. However, she says the blame may fall on a familiar battle cry popularized by former President Donald Trump and his followers. “I don’t trust science, I don’t trust the media, I don’t trust sort of all these institutions,” said Wagner. “So I’m getting these other facts, and I think they’re true, and very often they are not true, right. Not that doesn’t happen with the left.”

Ticks and Spiders

UA professor shares what to do with ticks and spiders: Fox 6 – June 8

…Dr. John Abbott, Chief Curator & Director, Department of Museum Research & Collections Affiliated Staff, Alabama Museum of Natural History shares what to look for and how to prevent ticks and spider bites this summer.


Wildfires exacerbated by poor forest management, not climate change, professors say: The Epoch Times – June 10

…professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at The University of Alabama, points out that according to the Canadian National Fire…