A&S in the News: May 28 – June 3, 2023

Solar System

Life in the solar system: Big Picture Science (SETI Institute) – May 28

Spewing lava and belching noxious fumes, volcanoes seem hostile to biology. But the search for life off-Earth includes the hunt for these hotheads on other moons and planets, and we tour some of the most imposing volcanoes in the Solar System. Plus, a look at how tectonic forces reshape bodies from the moon to Venus to Earth. And a journey to the center of our planet reveals a surprising layer of material at the core-mantle boundary. Find out where this layer was at the time of the dinosaurs and what powerful forces drove it deep below. Guests: Samantha Hansen – Geologist at The University of Alabama

Egg Donation

Eugenic overtones drive global egg donation market: NPR Chicago – May 29

… A vast range of compensation based on traits so when it comes to egg donation it really is a market in genetics with these eugenic overtones. Diane Tober is a professor of medical anthropology at The University of Alabama. Tober says her studies show that white and Asian donors on average tend to get paid tens of thousands of dollars more than Black and Hispanic donors.

Hear Here Alabama

Hear Here Alabama to host hearing screening in Selma: Selma Sun – May 30

The University of Alabama’s (UA) Hear Here Alabama project will host a hearing clinic at Edmundite Center of Hope on June 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The clinic is part of a research study by UA. Data from the research is believed to help in addressing hearing needs in rural areas of Alabama.

Criminal Enterprises

Alabama legislation removes ‘gangs’ in favor of ‘criminal enterprises’: Al.com – May 31

… Matthew Valasik, an associate professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at The University of Alabama, said the changes in the legislation appear to be a “succumbing to the pressure” of GOP lawmakers wanting to be more bipartisan and “taking into account the racial profiling of the terminology” of the initial legislation. “It’s probably a good thing,” said Valasik, referring to the change from gang to criminal enterprise. “It keeps it broader in that it doesn’t create more bias and restricts law enforcement interpretation of applying the law as well. That’s a positive in keeping it a criminal enterprise than narrowing it to a street gang.” Valasik, co-author of the 2020 book, “Alt-Right Gangs: A Hazy Shade of White,” said a criminal enterprise can also include far-right militias or motorcycle groups “who would better fit into this broader categorization.”

Summer Camps

Looking for summer fun for kids? Here are camps happening around Tuscaloosa: WVUA – June 1

If you’re looking for child-friendly camps this summer, The University of Alabama has a variety geared toward educational enrichment throughout the season. Among the options are…Fossil Camp, for students in fourth through seventh grade, introduces participants to ancient life through examining fossils and searching for rocks and minerals.

Tuscaloosa Community Dancers

UA faculty join Tuscaloosa Community Dancers: ABC 33/40 – June 2

Several will be joining us, including Aidan Nettles, an Assistant Professor of Dance at The University of Alabama, so we are excited to partner with UA.