Ambassador Spotlight: Alexa Kays 

Desktop News | May 2023

Alexa Kays Headshot
Alexa Kays

Alexa Kays, a College of Arts and Sciences student, exemplifies the power of active participation in campus activities. As a dedicated International Studies and Dance major and Italian minor on the Pre-Law track, Kays has immersed herself in a diverse range of organizations and activities, resulting in transformative experiences and career opportunities. 

In her role as the Vice President of the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador Program, Kays has had the opportunity to connect with prospective students and families. She has shared her experiences and knowledge of campus resources and served as a liaison between the student body and faculty. Kays recognizes the value of the resources and connections available on campus, and her desire to give back and serve as a leader in her college community inspired her to pursue a leadership position as an ambassador. Through her role as an ambassador, Kays has been able to make a positive impact on her college community. 

“I just wanted to give back to the College of Arts and Sciences,” exclaimed Kays. “Because it’s given so much to me.” 

Kays’ exceptional leadership skills and campus involvement led her to become a judicial intern for L. Scott Coogler, the Chief United States District Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. This is a testament to her networking abilities and connections made on campus. Through the internship Kays has sat in on trials, drafted legal memoranda and shared her opinions on real cases, providing her with invaluable experience in preparing for a career in law. 

In addition to her leadership role in the ambassador’s program, Kays is active in various campus organizations and clubs. She is a member of the Student Government Association’s Lobby Board, which is another key experience for preparing her and establishing connections for her future in law. Kays is also academically involved in Gamma Kappa Alpha, the National Italian Fraternity, the Pre-Law Association and the Legal Research Club. Additionally, she is a member of Alpha Chi Omega, a social organization on campus. By balancing these responsibilities, Kays demonstrates her commitment to making the most of her college experience while preparing for her future career. 

Reflecting on her experiences, Kays acknowledges the importance of networking and seizing opportunities that come her way. Her role as an ambassador has helped her make connections and access resources that have aided her in pursuing her career goals. Kays’ leadership skills and involvement on campus have not only helped her secure a judicial internship but also developed skills and connections that will serve her well as she continues to pursue her career in law. 

“You’re put in so many different situations as an ambassador, but also in the legal field,” said Kays. “You have to learn how to adapt to your surroundings, and that’s why I think that flexibility is one of the greatest skills I developed as an ambassador.” 

Kays’ experience serves as an inspiration to all students who aspire to make the most of their time in college and prepare for their future careers. For more information about the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors and how to get involved, visit the A&S Ambassador page