A&S in the News: February 26 – March 4, 2023

White House Historical Association

White House historian, UA alumnus to discuss famed home: Tuscaloosa Patch – Feb. 27

Stewart McLaurin, president of the White House Historical Association and University of Alabama alumnus, will provide a talk about the history of the association and famous residence March 1 on the UA campus.
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Black-Owned Hospitals

Life and death of Mississippi’s four Black-owned hospitals: Jackson Advocate – Feb. 28

… P.M. Smith was the Grand Mentor of the Taborians and tried to interest his members in the construction of the hospital as early as 1929.  University of Alabama historian David Beito tells the story of how Smith felt demeaned and insulted by the staff of a white-owned hospital a few years before. “During the 1920s,” Beito writes, “he had taken one of his children to a white hospital, entering through the back door. He had waited in vain for a doctor, and eventually, he left. He carried the patient to the Afro-American Sons and Daughters Hospital in Yazoo City, Mississippi. There they entered through the front door and were treated with courtesy and respect. That day he decided to organize Tabor in Mound Bayou.” Beito describes the hospital as a truly modern facility, comparable to the better hospitals serving the nation.

“Camino Real”

Review: ‘Camino Real’ gives surreal glimpse inside Tennessee Williams’ head: Tuscaloosa News – March 1

The show’s setting is over-pronounced real, an Anglicization, from Spanish “camino” meaning “the way,” and “real” for “royal,” so roughly “king’s road,” or “royal highway.” Yet there’s little literal about The University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance production of Tennessee Williams’ “10 Blocks on the Camino Real,” which ran Feb. 15-26.

Premier Awards

6 students, 3 faculty receive Premier Awards, UA’s top honors: Tuscaloosa Patch – March 1

The University of Alabama recognizes six students and three faculty members for their outstanding contributions to the Capstone. The Premier Awards honor students, faculty and staff who exemplify the highest standards of scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Brain Day

UA hosting ‘Brain Day’ for high school athletes: Tuscaloosa Patch – March 1

Brain Day will expose students to campus athletic training and sports medicine facilities along with a tour of the MRI Research Facility.

Psychology of Phobias

You’re not the only one who’s scared: Behind the strange psychology of phobias: Popular Mechanics – March 2

… About 12.5 percent of people have a genuine phobia, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Phobias exists on the extreme tail-end of fear, manifesting as absolute, fight-or-flight horror. They typically don’t have a logical reason behind them, because usually the object “is not harmful in the ways that we might catastrophize,” Tom Davis, a psychology professor at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, tells Popular Mechanics. Davis specializes in problems that include fear, anxiety disorders, and phobias.

‘Empty Bowls’ Fundraiser

Grace Presbyterian to host food insecurity awareness fundraiser: Tuscaloosa Thread – March 2

… The fundraiser, in its fifteenth annual iteration, will also allow attendees to pick out a hand-made bowl created by local artisans or University of Alabama ceramics students.

Confederate Monuments

Proposed Alabama bill would raise penalty for removing Confederate monuments: Al.com – March 3

… Joshua Rothman, chair of the Department of History at The University of Alabama, said the Civil War was “unambiguously about slavery.” “Secessionists were convinced that a Lincoln administration would lead to the destruction of slavery and so they decided to try and form their own slaveholders’ republic before that could happen,” Rothman said in an email. “And we know that that’s why they seceded because they told the entire world, quite confidently and proudly, that that’s why they seceded.”

Dwarf Galaxies

Colliding dwarf galaxies reveal a glimpse of the early universe: Scientific American – March 3

… Researchers have previously found examples of merging dwarf galaxies, some of which even showed signs of harboring a black hole in one of the galaxies, says lead study author Marko Mićić, a doctoral student in astronomy at The University of Alabama. But never before has anyone seen dual black holes in colliding dwarfs—the key to why the new finds are so intriguing. Each of the two systems Mićić and his colleagues have studied, he says, is “a complete analogue of events that probably happened in the very early universe.” 

Young Texas Artists

Young Texas Artists presents talented classical musicians at finalists’ concert & awards: Hello Woodlands (Texas) – March 4

… This year’s distinguished judges include:… Diane Boyd Schultz, flutist and piccoloist, is a professor of flute at the School of Music at The University of Alabama.