A&S in the News: February 19-25, 2023

Tanglewood Biological Station

The University of Alabama champions state’s biodiversity ranking on home soil at Tanglewood: Soul Grown – Feb. 20

… Protecting Alabama’s biodiversity is vitally important. Thankfully, there are many opportunities across the state to learn, study, practice and get involved with conservation across the state. One such place is the J. Nicholine Bishop Tanglewood Biological Station at The University of Alabama. A 567-acre property 30 miles south of Tuscaloosa in Hale County, Tanglewood supports biological research, preservation and natural resource education.

Climate Dread

Contemplating climate change: SouthTalks highlights the work of ‘climate dread’ photographer Allison Grant: The Daily Mississippian (Ole Miss) – Feb. 21

The University of Mississippi’s SouthTalks is hosting Allison Grant, an artist, writer, and assistant professor of photography at The University of Alabama, this Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. The event is a gallery walk, and will showcase Grant’s photography exhibit, “Within the Bittersweet.”

Paul R. Jones Museum

5 things to know about the Paul R. Jones Museum: Tuscaloosa Patch – Feb. 22

The Paul R. Jones Museum, part of the UA Department of Art and Art History and home of the Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art at The University of Alabama, presents a year-round schedule of exhibitions from the collection and by visiting artists. The collection is designed to share the works of American artists with the people of Alabama and beyond and to be used to educate students. Incorporated into UA’s curricula, the collection provides students with opportunities to experience the significance of art firsthand.

Mobile Mardi Gras

Mobile Mardi Gras: 1.1 million visitors, only 20 arrests: Al.com – Feb. 22

… Matthew Valasik, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at The University of Alabama, said the best thing police could have done is “take all of the precautions” necessary after the New Year’s Eve shooting to prevent another violent situation. “If there is a greater police presence that is out, it will deter the negative behavior from people,” Valasik said. “They will see a police officer standing nearby and likely having something happens becomes much lower. He added, “Police are a reactive force. They wait for us to call them on something. But having that good relationship with the community and working together will help benefit in keeping things calm and safe for everyone.”

Black Holes

Astronomers spot black holes on a collision course in distant dwarf galaxies: BBC Sky at Night Magazine – Feb. 23

… The study, led by Marko Micic of The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, USA, shows that the pair in Abell 133 seem to be in the late stages of a merger between the two dwarf galaxies, and a long tail caused by tidal effects from the collision can be seen.
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…and many more

Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre

UA’s theatre and dance department to host first show of 2023: WVTM 13 – Feb. 23

The University of Alabama’s theatre and dance department is hosting its first dance show of 2023. The performance, Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre, will run from March 1 through March 4 at the university.

Family Night at the Museum

Family Night at the Museum travels around the world: Tuscaloosa Patch – Feb. 24

The Alabama Museum of Natural History and University of Alabama Graduate School are partnering to present Family Night at the Museum March 4 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.