A&S in the News: February 5-11, 2023

Hallowed Grounds Tour

SGA encourages UA to compensate BFSA ambassadors for Hallowed Grounds Tour: Crimson White – Feb. 5
The Student Government Association unanimously passed a resolution on Feb. 2 encouraging The University of Alabama to compensate Black Faculty and Staff Association Tour Ambassadors for giving the Hallowed Grounds Tour, which highlights the history of slavery on University grounds.

UA Gallery

Roscoe Hall’s homecoming exhibit at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center: Black News – Feb. 6

…The University of Alabama Gallery is currently presenting “Roscoe Hall: Two Houses,” featuring Black artist and Tuscaloosa native, Roscoe Hall…

Earthquake in Turkey

UA geological sciences professor comments on earthquake in Turkey: CBS 42 – Feb. 

 … Dr. Ibrahim Cemen says he started studying earthquakes in the ‘80s. They learned that this was not typical back then. In 1999, he says when he went out to survey damage with his team, in their research they discovered that there were actually two earthquakes back-to-back that happened just seven seconds apart. This time it was a nine hour difference between the two.
CBS 42 (web)
ABC (Huntsville)
Ground News

Sarah Moody Gallery of Art

UA hosts art exhibit featuring artists Yevgeniya Baras and Pete Schulte: Crimson White – Feb. 8

A self-titled exhibition, “Yevgeniya Baras and Pete Schulte,” will be on display at the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art on The University of Alabama campus featuring the work of artists Yevgeniya Baras and Pete Schulte until Feb. 24.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

UA programs receive support to help Alabama’s children: Fox 6 – Feb. 10

…The Alabama Department of Child Abuse Neglect and Prevention passed out more than $2 million to those groups. Check out that really big check there. This is done on an annual basis and they gathered here in Tuscaloosa at The University of Alabama to highlight some of the groups that are out trying to protect these children and put money into programs that they believe will help strengthen families.
Fox 6 (web)