A&S in the News: October 9-15, 2022


Homecoming queen candidates announced: The Crimson White – Oct. 9

After a delay in the new homecoming queen election process, The University of Alabama has announced the names of the five candidates for the 2022 homecoming election cycle.
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Alabama Fight Song

Letter to the editor: On “Delete Dixie”: The Crimson White – Oct. 9

As a mid-1970s graduate of Alabama I’ve often wondered when this issue would arise. Alas it has!

Native American Festival

Fluoride wince, tsunami maps, volcanic unrest: News from around our 50 states: USA Today – Oct. 10

… Tuscaloosa: A long-running festival that aims to entertain people while educating them about the heritage and culture of Native Americans returns this week to west Alabama. The annual Moundville Native American Festival will be held from Wednesday to Saturday at The University of Alabama Moundville Archaeological Park. This will mark the first in-person festival since 2019, as the event was held online only the past two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Million Dollar Band

Million Dollar Band to play in Chattanooga: NBC (Chattanooga) – Oct. 10

The Million Dollar Band from The University of Alabama will play at Finley Stadium in Chattanooga on Friday. They rehearse at 11:30 and do their full program in the 12:30- 1:00 range. They are stopping here on their way to Knoxville where Alabama takes on the Tennessee Vols this Saturday.
CBS (Chattanooga)

Gamma Rays

Scientists have detected a ‘completely unprecedented’ burst of energy in space: Vice – Oct. 11

… Marcos Santander, an astronomer at The University of Alabama, noted in an email that the Fermi satellite’s Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) was the first to detect the event, and immediately flagged it as exceptional. “GBM is the most prolific GRB detector and on average it detects a GRB roughly every day, and it has collected thousands of GRBs in more than 14 years of operation since the launch of Fermi in 2008,” Santander told Motherboard. “Of those thousands, the one on Oct 9th was by far the brightest”—so bright, in fact, that it “blinded the instruments for a bit given how many gamma rays were arriving over a very short time.”
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Somali Government

What drives Al-Shabaab in Somalia: foreign forces out, Sharia law in and overthrow the government: The Conversation – Oct. 11

Today, Al-Shabaab remains the most formidable challenge to the Somali government, and its regional and international partners.
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“Dance the Fiya Dance”

Listen to Nana Nkweti’s new short story “Dance the Fiya Dance”: Literary Hub – Oct. 12

On the latest episode of Ursa Short Fiction, Deesha Philyaw and Dawnie Walton introduce their latest short story pick, Nana Nkweti’s “Dance the Fiya Dance,” from her acclaimed 2021 debut collection, Walking On Cowrie Shells, published by Graywolf Press… She is a professor of English at The University of Alabama where she teaches creative writing courses that explore her eclectic literary interests…

Herschel Walker

Do Georgia evangelicals care if Herschel Walker paid for an abortion?: Reckon – Oct. 12

… I reached out to Dr. Michael Altman, an associate professor of Religious Studies at The University of Alabama and a co-developer of the Uncivil Religion initiative, which documents the role of religion in the January 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, for his analysis of how the relationship between evangelical voters and their elected officials has changed.

Old Prewitt Slave Cemetery

“No stone unturned”: Part 2 – The champ, and the slaveholder: Alabama Public Radio – Oct. 13

… “I don’t know that a whole lot else stands out about him as except as a slave holder and a plantation owner,” said Doctor Joshua Rothman, of John Welch Prewitt. “Other than that, he’s a very wealthy man and kind of the late antebellum period.” Rothman is head of the history department at The University of Alabama. His area of expertise is slavery. And, he’s heard his share of stories about Prewitt, including the whoppers… “There’s also the tale of a ghost walking on the site of the former home of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Prewitt,” read Allison Hetzel, of The University of Alabama’s Theatre Department. This story comes from the Alabama state archives.

Paul R. Jones Museum

A Georgia artist reframes history: Garden & Gun – Oct. 13

…The paintings will be featured in a solo exhibition at The University of Alabama’s Paul R. Jones Museum, from October 7 to December 17.

HIV Care

Gatekeeping and the need for open science in HIV care: The Body Pro – Oct. 14

… Open-science scholars believe that research can be deemed reliable based on the application of rigorous research methodologies. John Lochman, Ph.D., professor emeritus at The University of Alabama, in an interview with TheBodyPro, suggested “paying very close attention to the kind of sample that was originally used in the efficacy study and thinking about how that sample is similar or not similar to you and to your community.”


Tuskegee native, Baltimore pastor to Tuberville: ‘Criminals were the ones who enslaved the Black people’: Al.com – Oct. 15

… “The building at The University of Alabama where I took African American History, Clark Hall, has a plaque, saying it built with reparations provided to southerners to repair and rebuild after the war. (Named former UA president Basil Manly Hall, where Turner also took classes, was renamed Presidents Hall in November 2020 by the Board of Trustees after a subcommittee learned Manly owned slaves was an ardent secessionist who “used his position as a religious and education leader to defend white supremacy for many years,” said Trustee John England.)

Midterm Elections

Racist GOP appeals heat up in final weeks before midterms: The Washington Post – Oct. 15

… “Trump mobilized a constituency that is partly susceptible to being riled up by racialized appeals, and politicians see that, especially on the right,” said Richard Fording, a political science professor at The University of Alabama. “And just like any other sort of competitive environment, you see what works and you copy it.”
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