A&S in the News: June 12-18, 2022


4 ways your company can support Juneteenth: Inc. – June 15

… Indeed, businesses should prioritize making Juneteenth a celebration and not just an observation, says Hilary Green, an associate professor of history in the department of gender and race studies at The University of Alabama. “This was a celebration from the beginning,” so consider a more jubilant approach this year, suggests Green, who is also the author of Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865-1890. And whatever you do, don’t attempt to capitalize on the holiday–unless you operate a business in which doing so makes sense.
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Parkinson’s Disease

University of Alabama, Harvard researchers identify potential Parkinson’s therapeutic: Tuscaloosa Patch – June 16

Researchers at The University of Alabama were part of a national investigation that identified a new candidate therapeutic target for Parkinson’s Disease, according to recently published results.

Higher Education System Strengthening Activity

Three-day USAID workshop ends on a high note: The News – June 16

…He then introduced the international mentors of the training—Dr. Susan Carvalho, Dr. Lisa Pawloski, Dr. Delores Robinson, Dr. Karri Holley, and Dr. Dana Patton from The University of Alabama, and Ms. Cheri Deli from the University of Utah.