A&S in the News: May 8-14, 2022

Alabama Softball

New exhibit celebrates 25 years of softball: Tuscaloosa Patch – May 8

A new exhibit at the Paul W. Bryant Museum honors the players and coaches of the first 25 years of softball at The University of Alabama.

Summer Camps

Alabama hosting dozens of youth summer events, camps: WVUA – May 9

The University of Alabama is once again offering a plethora of youth camps in and around campus throughout the summer.

Disability Rights

University of Alabama experience helps graduate find her voice: Tuscaloosa Patch – May 10

During her time at The University of Alabama, Anna Kutbay discovered more about herself and her unique contributions, giving her confidence in her advocacy for the rights of the disabled.


Study finds psychopathic individuals are more likely to have larger striatum region in the brain: Science Mag – May 10

… Highlighting the significance of the work done by the joint research team, Associate Professor Andrea Glenn from the Department of Psychology of The University of Alabama, who is not involved in the research, said: “By replicating and extending prior work, this study increases our confidence that psychopathy is associated with structural differences in the striatum, a brain region that is important in a variety of processes important for cognitive and social functioning. Future studies will be needed to understand the factors that may contribute to these structural differences.”
Science Daily
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…and many more

Hollings Scholarship

University of Alabama student earns Hollings Scholarship: Tuscaloosa Patch – May 12

University of Alabama student Kittson Hamill of Huntsville is the recipient of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship.

Fringe Beliefs

The other side’s fringe beliefs are destroying America: Red Rock News – May 12

…This isn’t merely a rhetorical exercise, but the substance of an October report, “The Ties that Blind: Misperceptions of the Opponent Fringe and the Miscalibration of Political Contempt,” written by Virginia A. Parker and Anne E. Wilson from Wilfrid Laurier University, Matthew Feinberg from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and Alexa Tullett from The University of Alabama.

U.S. Senate

UA political science expert discusses U.S. Senate race in Alabama: WVUA – May 12

The latest polls show Katie Britt back in the lead in this race followed by Congressman Mo Brooks and Mike Durant slipping to third place. We spoke with University of Alabama political science professor Richard Fording and he says while polls are interesting, they don‘t always tell the entire story.
WVUA – May 13