A&S in the News: January 30 – February 5, 2022

Books for the Black Belt

UACED starts Books for the Black Belt campaign: Fox 6 – Jan. 31

It is an ambitious goal. 30,000 books for students in elementary and high school in the Black Belt region of Alabama. The campaign begins tomorrow and for the entire month of February. The idea behind it all is to encourage children to read and learn the joy of reading. Sally Brown says they are looking for novels, fiction and nonfiction, as long as it’s all in good taste.
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“The Colored Museum”

UA Department of Theatre and Dance presents The Colored Museum: ABC 33/40 – Feb. 1

If you’re looking to be entertained, The University of Alabama Department of Theater and Dance has tickets you should consider. Showing now through Sunday, The Colored Museum, an all-black cast will take you on a journey through 11 museum exhibits exploring what it means to be Black in a contemporary America. Both old and new stereo types are being addressed. Director Christian Tripp is live right now with more details.

Prewitt Cemetery

The history of the Prewitt Cemetery: WVUA – Feb. 1

… Dr. Joshua Rothman, professor and chair of the department of history at The University of Alabama says the Prewitt slave cemetery has a legendary status, almost folklore. “Prewitt from what I seen in census records from what I remember had about 100 to 125 people at a time. White people didn’t tend to live in this area in large numbers until the 1800s or 1810s at the earliest. So, thinking about if there are 400, 500, 600 graves, it’s impossible for all of those people to have been enslaved.” Which meant, according to Dr. Rothman, it would have been impossible for all the slaves to be buried by emancipation in 1865.

Exotic Particles

Strongest ever magnetic field fails to make predicted exotic particles: New Scientist – Feb. 2

Researchers have used the strongest magnetic field ever measured to search for exotic particles called magnetic monopoles, but they came up empty… Igor Ostrovskiy at The University of Alabama and his colleagues looked for monopoles being produced by a…
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Tide Against Time

‘It does take a village’: How a new student organization is fighting the prison system: The Crimson White – Feb. 2

Tide Against Time is a new organization dedicated to educating students about mass incarceration and the Alabama prison system. Kaila Pouncy, a junior on the prelaw track majoring in criminal justice and political science, worked on the idea for the organization over the last year and held the first meeting for Tide Against Time on Friday, Jan. 21, via Zoom.

Metal Oxide

Scientists discover a surprising structural change in metal oxide at low temperature: Phys.org – Feb. 4

… Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, The University of Alabama and the University of California at Los Angeles have made a surprising discovery regarding structural changes that occur when one such material is cooled below its MIT temperature… “As a chemist, I am interested in understanding the effect on the MIT from chemically modifying vanadium oxide by addition of elements like molybdenum,” said Jared Allred, assistant professor at The University of Alabama.

“History of Us”

‘History of Us’: Students delve deep into Tuscaloosa’s Black history: Tuscaloosa News – Feb. 5

… John M. Giggie, a University of Alabama history professor for 14 years, and UA graduate student Margaret Lawson were instrumental in developing the “History of Us” for Tuscaloosa City Schools.