A&S in the News: September 26 – October 2, 2021

Freshwater Mussel Exhibit

Alabama Museum of Natural History introduces permanent freshwater mussel exhibit: The Crimson White – Sept. 26

The Alabama Museum of Natural History is joining forces with UA faculty members for its new freshwater mussel exhibit.

Civil War

Join Brunswick Civil War round table, discuss Abraham Lincoln’s religion: StarNews Online – Sept. 26

Join historian and author George C. Rable as he discusses this intriguing and rarely discussed subject…Rable is professor emeritus, and formerly the Charles G. Summersell Chair in Southern History for 18 years at The University of Alabama…

Sella-Granata Art Gallery

Sella-Granata Art Gallery presents UA graduate student work: The Crimson White – Sept. 26

The UA Department of Art and Art History provides a peek into graduate students’ work with the annual Studio Graduate Student Show, hosted this fall by assistant professor Jamey Grimes.

Submerged Forest

Scoping out the Gulf of Mexico’s secret submerged forest: Hakai Magazine – Sept. 27

Understanding what happened to this ancient forest can help us know what is coming as the sea rises again… The site’s preservation resulted from a perfect storm of conditions spanning 70,000 years. Most shorelines dating to the end of the last ice age have been eroded. That this forest was preserved intact implies “a rate of sea level rise that’s high enough that it allows for lots of sediment to bury that area really quickly,” says Emily Elliott, a University of Alabama coastal geologist not involved with the research.

Dark Matter

UA receives grant to use machine learning to study dark matter: Tuscaloosa Patch – Sept. 27

A team of researchers at The University of Alabama hope to develop tools that probe this otherwise invisible but important component of the universe, tackling one of the biggest questions in physics, astronomy and cosmology – what is dark matter?

Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra

Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra returns to performing after 18 months: WVUA – Sept. 27

Musicians included University of Alabama faculty, UA School of Music students, Alabama Symphony Orchestra members and other musicians within 250 miles of Tuscaloosa. The orchestra performs inside Moody concert hall on The University of Alabama campus, so it will follow UA’s COVID-19 restrictions, which currently includes required masks indoors.

Voting Barriers

Tuscaloosa, Alabama local looks to eliminate voting barriers: Tuscaloosa Thread – Sept. 27

A Tuscaloosa local, and now the president of Vote Everywhere UA, is petitioning for The University of Alabama to give students, faculty and staff the day off for federal election days with the hopes of eliminating voting barriers in Tuscaloosa. College campuses across the country are canceling classes to give their communities the day off to vote, but only one other school in the SEC has implemented this rule so far. Alli Swann says if UA makes federal election days a campus holiday, it will put The University of Alabama, and subsequently Tuscaloosa, on the cutting edge of civic engagement across the SEC.

Policing and Justice

‘It’s not random’: How the government built a justice system that criminalizes Black Americans: Reckon South – Sept. 28

America is having a long overdue conversation about policing and justice. Most of us know that the American justice system looks different for Black and Brown Americans. And many of us probably have a sense of why the system has always worked against them. But this week we’re examining just how expansive and damaging that system has been. Dr. John Giggie, an historian at The University of Alabama and director of the Summersell Center for the Study of the South, outlines how the roots of today’s problem of mass incarceration can be found in slave patrols, mass lynchings, and convict leasing.
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Million Dollar Band

Strike up the band: Former Million Dollar Band director Kathryn Scott returns for special performance: Tuscaloosa News – Sept. 28

Kathryn Scott, who directed The University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band from 1984 until 2002, returned to Bryant-Denny Stadium for a special performance during the Sept. 25 UA-Southern Mississippi game.

Basket Case

Why exactly is Basket Case played before the fourth quarter?: Nick97.5 – Sept. 28

The real question is, how did this tradition come to be? With the help of Dr. Kenneth Ozzello, Director of Bands at The University of Alabama, we found the origins of the song that is now stuck in your head as you read.

Miss University of Alabama

Meet the new Miss University of Alabama: The Crimson White – Sept. 29

After being crowned the new Miss University of Alabama, Lindsay Fincher will make her first official appearance at Homecoming on Oct. 23.