Emily Baschab ’22, Physics

Emily Baschab
Emily Baschab

Emily Baschab is a physics major with minors in mathematics, the Randall Research Scholars Program, and the Blount Scholars Program. A junior from Dallas, TX, she plans to pursue a PhD in physics and become a researcher in an applied field.

How did you choose your major?

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in science. I chose physics after enjoying physics classes in high school. I love the potential for discovery and the intellectual challenge this major presents.

What do you like about studying physics at UA?

One of my favorite parts about physics at UA is the amazing community. Physics at UA is a close community, and it’s really easy to make friends since you are all in the same classes with everyone. Perhaps the best part of studying physics here, however, has been the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research under my faculty mentor, Dr. Adam Hauser.

What are your career goals?

My current career aspiration is to pursue a PhD in physics and a career as a researcher in an applied field.

Talk about any job-related experiences you’ve had. How did you find these opportunities?

My most recent job opportunity was the CAT Vehicle Research Experience for Undergraduates which I participated in this past summer which I found from an email from a professor. This amazing opportunity allowed me to learn about vehicle autonomy, and how to conduct research as part of a team, as well as the academic publishing process. My work is being published in the International Conference on Cyber Physical Systems this summer. I created a five-minute video explaining my work.

What surprised you the most about college?

Probably the amount of walking I do in a day! I’ll be really surprised to look at my fitness tracker and learn I’ve walked several miles in one day, but I really enjoy getting to see all the beautiful sites campus has to offer.

How did you make friends and find community on campus?

I’ve been fortunate to find several communities on campus where I’ve been able to make friends. Some of the groups I am most active in are the Randall Research Scholars Program and Chi Omega Sorority. I’ve also managed to make many friends just by being involved on campus through organizations like SGA and the Society of Physics Students.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Get involved but don’t overcommit! There are so many great opportunities between campus organizations, classes, and clubs that it is easy to bite off more than you can chew. But if you’re having to prioritize, your health and your grades come before other commitments.